For the past two or so months, we have been completely focused on the MoneyButton. (See the announcement about that as well as my presentation at Coingeek.) This means our progress on Yours has decreased significantly since all of our effort is channeled into something else. Off the top of my head, here are some of the outstanding issues with Yours:
  • Inability to copy+paste inside articles.
  • The editor is not very good and does not work on Android at all.
  • Sometimes users can't log in for a mysterious reason and they have to clear their browser cache or reset their password to login again.
  • No comment threading.
  • No direct uploading of images, video, or audio.
  • about 130 other issues we have listed on GitHub.

Fortunately, this week we will have two more engineers joining us and as many as an additional two engineers soon, bringing the total number up to six (including me). This will significantly increase the speed with which we can iterate our software.
Our plan is to continue focusing on MoneyButton until August when we launch "for real" with a brand new design intended to appeal to a mainstream audience. The next steps for Yours will be to incorporate the MoneyButton into Yours and fix all of the outstanding issues.
Some users are frustrated that we haven't made faster progress on Yours. Let me explain our reasoning for focusing on the MoneyButton first.
The MoneyButton makes it far easier for anyone to build an app like Yours. Yours is a useful app in and of itself, and it can and will be much better over time, but the MoneyButton could be the micropayments UI layer of the internet, which could have a far larger amount of transaction volume than Yours itself. Consider if the MoneyButton were used inside Yours as well as thousands of other micropayments-based apps that weren't possible until now. That's a huge idea that's even bigger than Yours. Especially when you consider that nothing limits us to micropayments.
If we are able to hire all of the engineers we are hoping, we will be able to allocate some effort to fixing the most irritating bugs with Yours soon. Otherwise these things will have to wait until we finish the MoneyButton redesign in August.
Look forward to more information about the MoneyButton in the coming weeks and the mainstream launch in August. If you are interested in using the MoneyButton for a publication or app, please get in touch at our support email ( Or of course you can simply try out the prototype right now which you can easily configure at


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Thank you for the update and all your hard work.
You are even finding the time to create your own content (videos) as you do all of the above. I appreciate your pragmatic and optimistic approach.
And thank you for supporting an independent artist on your baby platform. The money button will be even more amazing for creators of all sorts.
   4wk ago
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Yeah, I'm KINDA sorry I started some of that on Twitter. I do appreciate this more thorough explination.
New features being put on hold for a future vision is one thing but bug fixes and functionality is another. Bitcoin didn't work because blocks became full, the competition had to create a better Bitcoin(BCH).
I've been giving Yours the benefit of the doubt, due to your conference schedule,miniscule team and assurances that these were being remedied then the Money Button are correct it has potential to bring more potential merchant/websites/content providers adoption, but when you already had a platform that would onboard users and get these new people talking about BCH this is the first rule of marketing. Businesses adapt to customers wants. Customers hate changing for businesses. So from a marketing perspective if users do not have working platforms to use and grow their BCH awareness then how are you gonna get these other "guys" without the buzz.
Quick bullet point conclusion: Already existing customers hyping and growing BCH to end users with the use of potentially one of the greatest social networks ever. Causing hype and envy among other laggards Vs. Trying to get a new group of people using something(bch) that doesn't have the users it had just months ago.
Sorry just My2Centrist and I'm sorry, once again, but I still stand by fix the broken first before adding new features mentality.
   4wk ago
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This is very good news Ryan. I actually was not checking in much for a long time since I spend more time writing on another site. And I remember the issue you mentioned about the failure to log in and I always had to reset my password to log in again. I'm glad to see you are aware of that and that it is being fixed, although I didn't seem to have the problem anymore.
I'm also glad to see the commitment to improving the site with the addition of more programmers. I'm planning on getting back into writing articles and Yours and spending time browsing around Yours categories as well. I look forward to the update coming in August.

   4wk ago
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Good luck with this project.
   4wk ago
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Good to see updates! Yeah, I am not surprised that the "moneybutton" is considered a higher priority, there are probably some things that could be done to improve Yours in the meantime. The article mentions the Yours Github, perhaps that could be linked within the FAQ on this site as well as the FAQ (Documentation) being improved for better onboarding.
Also I don't know if it would be good for metrics to be available or what the metrics are (to see how many users online, how many viewing, how many views on a certain page, etc.). Yours is functional as it is, minor updates or any major bug fixes would be fine in my view - the bigger issue is probably pushing adoption by bloggers and users...
"Some users are frustrated that we haven't made faster progress on Yours." Not sure if it's possible to create a better feedback system, like chats, encouraging more contribution to the github, dedicated posts in Meta to get ideas for periodic updates, allowing users to somehow contribute directly to fixing code / creating updates, etc.
To respond to @robertmelluish, I guess I'm still learning this but maybe competition is more of a good thing than I thought, maybe there should be a direct competitor with the same kinds of features. I think there just should be multiple competing companies on almost any product nowadays, because Yours could have less users or people complaining but nothing makes you want to keep updating like a direct competitor who can take business and is continuing to build features.
So someone could hypothetically take the "Akari-Pay" button and start a blog community of sorts, allowing people to donate through that like with Yours - I don't know how the paywall interface would be created, maybe like with uniquely generated keys when people donate a certain amount? Right now I don't know who the direct competitors of Yours would be that have the exact same model, if there are any - obviously Steemit comes to mind but that is totally different since it uses "Steem" (its own cryptocurrency) and posts are put on an immutable blockchain of sorts.
Regarding "Moneybutton", all this crypto stuff can seem confusing even for me, so tutorials to me are very important - making everything "fool-proof" and simple. I still would like the password-authentication option when I click a "moneybutton" just like there is in the Apple Store or probably other places, that if I am logged in and click to buy something, I still have to give a password to confirm I want to purchase it (to ensure I don't leave a browser open and someone just decides to spend the contents of a wallet by clicking a bunch of moneybuttons, or to prevent accidental clicks from going through). Probably more to be said, I'm grateful for all everyone's doing overall, it's really easy to criticize or request features but always a challenge to actually be out there trying to make it happen!
   4wk ago
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I just joined yesterday, and as a new member of the community it is excellent to see such transparency, honesty, and clear communication from @Ryan X. Charles
You've built something special here - not just the concept, not just the fully-functional problem solving product, but - most importantly - a passionate community of free-thinkers. Kudos to you, Ryan, and to the yours community!
   3wk ago
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Night Mode 🌃 please
   2wk ago