The ideologists of capitalism, contemplating the fall of the socialist community, affirmed that the end of history had been reached, which meant that capitalism declared it eternal and that it no longer had an ideological adversary, so that its sphere of influence passed to be global
The existence of the Cold War was the ideological, political and economic struggle worldwide, in a context of limited wars in some countries of the various continents, to maintain and expand their areas of influence, in such a way that the struggles for decolonization of the imperial countries of Europe and the United States, the international right interpreted them as a struggle between East and West and not North and South; similarly, the struggles against the dictatorships imposed by the United States were taken as citizen struggles to establish "communism".
However, the existence of the socialist community forced capitalism in particular in the countries of Western Europe, USA. and Canada to make progress in health, housing, education, wages, jobs and respect for human rights, with the purpose of neutralizing or diminishing the insignificance of social movements and subtracting militancy from the left parties, that is, capitalism He took away the banners of struggle, to avoid the ungovernability and social destabilization that would lead them to the establishment of socialism.
The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, is a symbolic fact that has been interpreted as the fortification of the world right to become even Russia to capitalism, the main leaders of the ruling Russian Communist Party were ipso facto transformed into capitalists and several of them in big businessmen.
In the countries of Europe, due to the crisis of capitalism, and to keep it on its feet, international financial organizations have forced European governments to dismantle the welfare state, which means that insecurity has risen, unemployment , real estate foreclosures, budget cuts and the commercialization of education and health, this situation has led to a deterioration of these services, and an accelerated massive impoverishment of their populations.
The increase in violence, citizen insecurity, terrorism and global warming are expressions of the rise of capitalism, this system and political and economic model respectively, is brutally violent, does not respect races, ideologies, religions, national sovereignties, human beings, ethics, morality, devastates or corrupts everything that may hinder him, with the purpose of making his fortunes grow "n".
This situation leads to the increase of social inequality, as an effect of the regressive process, which benefits the elite international financial sector and pernicious to citizens who with their taxes and consumption subsidize the world oligarchy, and increasingly receive less social attention from institutions of the State.
Social and political deterioration
Wages have been considered as one of the instruments that contribute to social development and economic growth, because it maintains the level of consumption of goods and services.
Likewise, salaries contribute to the treasury, in order to maintain a certain level of health in social programs and in public construction, which favor the multiplier effect of money that maintains dynamism in the economy.
When Carlos Marx wrote the books, salaried work and capital, and wages, price and profit, what was in its splendor was the mechanization of the productive forces, in capital, made a thorough analysis of the cornerstone of capitalism, ie , of surplus value, which was the source of capitalist enrichment and unpaid work for the worker.
Now with the high level of scientific and technological development, there is a better mechanization with digital technologies and the robotization of the productive process, which allows to astronomically increase the production of goods at a marginal cost almost to zero, which means that capitalist profit it is without limits, in addition the working time has been shortened, the scientific-technological advance the global elite has turned it into an instrument of domination.
Before some of the productive processes could last for months or weeks, now it is a matter of hours or days, then why the worker instead of reducing working hours and earning a better salary, receives an income that does not correspond to the cost of life and lose their labor rights conquered more than a century ago, with labor flexibility driven by large multinational consortiums. "Economic inequality is growing rapidly in most countries. The world's wealth is divided into two: almost half is in the hands of the richest 1% of the population, and the other half is distributed among the remaining 99%.
The worker, instead of improving his condition of life, deteriorates, at one extreme fortunes exaggeratedly high in trillions and, on the other, hunger wages, which forces workers to become practically slaves of capitalism, because they are forced into debt with credit cards, this population has a more than uncertain future, bleak. "Worse yet, only 225 people in the world have an average equity of 15,000 million euros"
Poverty source of enrichment
It has caused a high productivity and concentration of wealth, on the other hand, an unequal distribution, there are multimillion profits of the global financial elite and transnationals, while workers receive hunger wages, for example the case of the transnational McDonald's .
The Institute of Labor and Employment of the University of California, conducted the research, Fast food, poverty wages, published in 2013, according to this study, fast food chains, "in general, companies do not pay insurance for health "(Zamorano, 2014).
For capitalism unemployment was no longer considered a reserve of labor, which allowed recourse at any time, and which was the factor that kept low wages, for having more demand for labor than job offerings, at times the capitalists They took advantage of the existential needs of those without work and used as scab weavers.
For capitalism, the unemployed are the remains of the seemingly unstoppable prosperity of the development of capitalism at levels never before seen, this situation is global, but in the underdeveloped countries it reaches even more serious situations.
This problem can not be addressed to the historical conceptual tenor, because it is not a traditional struggle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, but is a struggle between the working class and the world oligarchy.
It is a struggle that has crossed national borders, because it is financial capital and transnational corporations that indirectly through organizations such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank (WB), and "national" governments. that impose the world injustice, which affects almost every country in the world, in different levels of gravity.
In the concept of the working class, we include the proletarians, the middle class and the bourgeoisie, because the "national" oligarchies have gone on to become tiny partners or executive employees of the global oligarchy, we must not forget that the "national" oligarchies they gave their masters, state institutions, permits for depredation, exploitation and looting of national natural resources, Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), etc. to today. Today the struggle is global against the voracity without limits of any nature of capitalism.
The FTAs ​​promoted in the context of the World Trade Organization (WTO), by the global financial elites and transnational corporations to impose the elimination of tariff barriers, which has harmed the production, industrialization and distribution of the productive sector of the countries , especially from the South.
With the elimination of commercial borders they have turned the world into their market, so that their goods and agricultural products circulate freely, at low cost, where the producers and industrialists of the Third World countries can not compete, because they also do not have any type of subsidy or state insurance, etc.
Sundown of capitalism
The end of capitalism is not going to be the result of a global struggle of humanity against the environmental, economic, political, cultural and social disasters that it generates.
The demise of capitalism will be caused by one of two factors, by a Third World War (the theater of war will not be located in a specific geographical area, but will be a global war, for the first time will touch US soil) or by an international financial crisis , both scenarios are under construction, which we can not affirm which of the two will be the trigger, is likely to happen in the first half of this century.
The requiem of capitalism will be given by mass demonstrations and social disorder at the planetary level, to ask for the honorable honor of the cause of national and world ills, so that governments can regain control and stop being vassals of the financial, transnational and financial elites. of the imperialist international organizations.
Capitalism and imperialism harm the population, even the American population.
Currently, there is a widespread indignation by the working and unemployed sectors in the world, for the social and economic involution that capitalism is producing in this last financial and services phase, which has allowed it to appropriate natural resources; bribing heads of state and senior government officials from almost every country in the world, which means that there is a supra world government.
You have to inform yourself it's good capitalism wants to keep us ignorant.



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