This time we met with the representatives to integrate them a little with the children. Give a talk, and knowledge about what has been done. The more united and more support we have the better for children. Thank you very much for the great support you give us.


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Friend @-ed- good day, I hope you are well, you are part of our team thanks to you and other people of this community our purpose has been achieved little by little, although many times with problems that can not be missing. Of our children we have two brothers who are sick with Malaria, they are a little sensitive in health and they have asked us for help more than anything with food, because the main treatment is being given by a nearby hospital, they just deliver them there. But they are sending him a fairly extreme diet, he cannot drink milk, nothing citrus, they cannot eat red meat, only chicken and they are quite expensive, some vegetables, all grilled and must have enough rest can not catch sun.
And the situation of these children is quite bad they do not have the resources. They are of very low resources, of extreme poverty. We wanted to make a market for them. We get the bill and only one chicken costs $ 5, a flour has a cost of $ 1.50 a rice costs $ 2, to make a market for at least a week at least with the main one we must have at least 40- $ 50
With what you can help us.
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