Stray between East and Norse and the Wild Wild West Drifts an old, lonely boat, and it knows no rest Winds in the sail, chopping seas stretching all around Man on the boat has forgotten the stable ground
feeling beneath his feet, and he’s getting tired Floating in search for something he’s left behind Something he’s only seen in his troubled sleep And his Sehnsucht is vast like the ocean’s deep.
Drifter… Hey, Drifter! Sailing beyond the bounds Know anyone who cruised ‘round the world and found Something that’s nameless, unreachable, and sublime? Drifter, your fate is to sail to the end of time.
Moments when I float deep in my darkest dreams Oceans expanding round me and it seems I’m about to be swallowed by the rising waves… Drifter, I see myself in your weathered face!
Stray amid Wild Wild West, the Orient, and Norse Sails an old, lonely boat...
and the Drifter knows.

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I also see myself in the Drifter's weathered face.
   1yr ago