The author of Bitcoin Master , Andreas Antonopoulos, has issued some controversial opinions regarding the technology behind cryptocurrencies: Blockchain, claiming that it has lost the meaning for which it was created due to its manipulation to create tools dedicated to the corporate world . However, Antonopoulos extolled Bitcoin in his speech and affirmed that this cryptocurrency is the true future of this sector.
On the occasion of the Polish Congress of Bitcoin , held in the city of Warsaw on May 12, Antonopoulos, widely known in the cryptocurrency sector for his educational publications on Bitcoin since 2013, said that the key to the success of Bitcoin has been its complexity and decentralization capacity that 'offends' the traditional financial system.
Antonopoulos says that Bitcoin is interesting because it can not be censored or controlled and because there are many people involved with this cryptocurrency. However, he was not as enthusiastic when referring to the Blockchain tools dedicated to the corporate sector, stating:
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This Blockchain is a sterile environment, not expressive, not invented; a corporate toy that has been stripped of everything interesting and has been left as an empty shell.
These statements caused a special impact, because a few days ago, at the Consensus conference in Coindesk, the developers Jimmy Song and Johnathan Corgan criticized the deficiencies of this event, assuring that Blockchain had become a kind of show but the audience was not very clear of the technical implications of this technology.
With regard to business solutions based on Blockchain , Antonponoulos went on to say that if the owners and managers of companies require a neutral solution, without borders, that no one controls and is resistant to censorship, their solutions are Bitcoin, Monero, Zcash and Ethereum, which are true decentralized tools open to the public.