During the colonial era it was customary to celebrate the days destined for the saints with great pomp (perhaps due to naivety or by imposition of the Catholic Church) it was believed that these dates were the ones to celebrate birthdays.

In October 1825, Bolívar arrived at the Villa Real del Potosí, there, pledged by the charms of Joaquina Costa, signed a Decree in which he says: I extend my stay in Potosí until next 28 to celebrate my saint's day here. This decision motivated a great deployment of resources, the entire city was decorated to honor its presence. The night of 27 began the festivities with popular dances in the Plaza del Regocijo and fireworks. They also offered the Liberator a serenade executed with string instruments and then with the music of the Húsares Military Band of Colombia.

The sunrise on day 28 (St. Simon's Day) was greeted with an artillery discharge. At nine o'clock in the morning there was a mass in the Church of the Society of Jesus and at night the employees of the Mint offered a great banquet in the most elegant halls of the building, in the facilities of the Royal Arches. There was Simón Bolívar, dressed not in his military uniform, but in a party dress: an elegant black cloth coat with a short frock coat, silk stockings, patent leather sneakers with gold buckles, a white tie, short cloth briefs and a single decoration the Washington medal presented by the President of the United States. Two more things caught the attention of those present: Bolívar had taken off his sideburns and mustache.
During the famous Bolivar dance, as a good observer, he realized that the ladies of the aristocracy did not want to dance with one of their Generals: General José Laurencio Silva, not because of ugly, but because of its dark color. Peruvian aristocratic society was not used to having its snowy ladies dance with men of color like most of our soldiers. Notable difference with Venezuelans that we are all coffee with milk, some more milk and others more coffee.

As soon as he noticed the rejection, prudently, without expressing any discomfort, he sent the music to a halt, placed himself in the middle of the room and addressing General Silva, loudly he said: General José Laurencio Silva, hero of a thousand battles and Salvador de Homeland, allow me the highest honor of dancing with you.

Then he took him by the arm, took him to the center of the room and began to dance like two good friends, the murmur of the audience was unison, both were reputed to be very good dancers, until the applause overshadowed the orchestra. The story goes that after this scene all the ladies decided to dance with General José Laurencio Silva.

In this solidarity gesture of Simón Bolívar, the recognition of the merits of one of the many heroes that made the Independence of our America possible is appreciated. The friendship that united these two men was so great, and the fidelity that as brothers professed that at the time of the death of the Liberator José Laurencio was at his side and when he noticed that he would be buried with a broken shirt, he ran to look the best of his silk shirts and he placed his great friend the Liberator Simón Bolívar.

Thank you for your reading and remember: patriotism is not inherited, it is cultivated



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I am glad to see how they take time writing about these issues, lately people have forgotten history, and have only dedicated themselves to criticize and not want our country to our history. They celebrate the independence of other countries national dates and here in their country of origin they did not take the time to raise at least the flag
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