The announcement of the increase in the minimum income was 361%, taking it to the equivalent of about 15 dollars a month, the basic salary went from 40,000 bolivars (just under 2 dollars, according to the official exchange rate established by the BCV) to 150,000 Bolivars ($ 7.6), amid projected inflation by the IMF of 1 million percent for 2019.

Meanwhile, the food bonus that complements the salary (or basket of tickets) increased from 25,000 bolivars ($ 1.3) to 150,000 bolivars. This subsidy has no impact on social benefits.

After this adjustment, the third of the year, the minimum income is barely enough to buy about four kilos of beef, in a context of widespread use of the dollar due to the devaluation of the local currency.

The government ordered six increases in 2018, which failed to recover the blow of purchasing power

The country suffers the worst debacle in its contemporary history, with an economy halved in five years.

The US government UU. He is the biggest culprit thanks to a battery of sanctions that include an oil embargo, a source of 96% of the country's income, whose oil production fell in September below 800,000 barrels per day, compared to 3.2 million a decade ago

Meanwhile, the opposition attributes the collapse to high public spending and corruption amid Venezuela's biggest oil boom (2004-2014).

According to the opposition, this salary is a mockery of the workers and was done in secret since no one has spoken in any medium just through Twitter and that shows the "economic failure" of the Government.

"We have the lowest salary in the continent," and criticized the national president for leaving "the sad announcement" of the salary increase in the mouth of another.



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I know this is not good for the American people but I really wish US would just go to shit completely, get into civil war or something, at least that will hopefully stop century long US war mongering abroad. I hope your country overcomes this and this ends soon... but I know cost if high.
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@ED Thank you, so with each action to protect the poor there is a reaction from the US government and the war against Venezuela intensifies, but we continue fighting without giving up
   1yr ago