We must think in the long term. We are making history and creating a real and tangible crypto-economy. Patience and perseverance are vital and necessary.
All of us who are in networks like Yours Honest Cash or alternative networks know the "conventional social networks" but have you studied all those networks thoroughly? Have you taken notes of how you feed us with the same information over and over again? Have you analyzed your time spent on those platforms versus the benefit obtained from all that?
Do not become mind as we say in Venezuela. It is time to understand all those questions and together we find the answers that we have searched so much. Although we know a lot about social networks (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.) very few of us can speak properly to say the following paragraph.
Social networks provide solutions but the cost that each user must pay is time and hundreds or thousands of hours to feed their databases. These data are "food" that their platforms launch over our profiles again and again. We are giving our time, our life and our money, so they can make a profit and have the effrontery not to give us a bit of all the money they have made thanks to us. I understand that you can make money through these social networks, but at what cost? But on the other hand many people socialize in these networks, have found a wife, husbands and even lost friends. Do not you think those networks are good deep down? Do not you think they are like a kind of win-win relationship?
Well now if we focus on looking at the facilities that these networks offer us, then we fall imprisoned in their plans. If instead we retire and weigh and observe everything from a more objective point of view, we can understand that these companies are filling millions of dollars thanks to their users. A few years back we could say that they were excellent options to communicate with our loved ones and spend a couple of hours browsing the trends of short videos.
In order to weigh both networks conglomerates, we must define two groups:
Conventional social networks. They are the group of "social" networks best known to a large part of the world's population that has access to the internet.
The crypto-social networks. They are the group of crypto-social networks that include characteristics of a conventional social network but use cryptocurrencies as a means of exchange, payments, interaction and, in general, this type of crypto-networks manage their own economies.
We need to understand that we are not simply giving time in exchange for some "service" or the illusion of. We are giving personal data, tastes, trends, habits and everything that locates us, locates and makes an easy target for these companies or networks, if they wanted, to keep us in an endless vicious circle.
In effect we are part of a new era. Internet technology for the first time in history is being put at our service. I say to our service because until a few years ago I had not imagined the possibility of mining coins when publishing content or creating a crypto-social group where the economy of each one of the participants could be improved.
Let's stop thinking that conventional social networks are going to change and that you wake up to change and be part of it once and for all. Feel part of a new era where the sky is the limit.


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All Capitalism is designed to do is to extract as much wealth from the people, the more it extracts, the "better" it works, and those that use it to their advantage, love it... and defend it.
Advertising is form of propaganda, most just don't see it (because its subtle).
The Social media are designed to create social engineering, in order to change the mindset of the people, in order to use the system of advertising / propaganda to target the people and play of their emotions in order to want things they don't need, so that those that own businesses can make money from this.
In Capitalism, people are commodity, and on social media, users data is the product which is then used against them through targeted advertising.
   2mo ago