Making Yours Links For Matter Posts

So, I first write up the Matter post.
Then, I quickly make a Yours post, so I can copy the URL to the Matter post.
Then I edit in the content of the Matter post to the Yours post.
Hm, but the editing style is so different...
What a pain in the ass that would be.
Should I just link to the memo link to the article to make replies easier from Yours?
Or does the redirect to Matter eliminate that?

No. No no no. I just pasted it in and it's an ugly mess.

I put quite a bit of effort into it. I'm putting it in the paid section.

Oh wow. I couldn't publish it.

It got to 68%: "Unable to query broadcasted transaction. The max depth of unconfirmed transactions may have been reached. Try again within 10-25 minutes by resuming."
Above that is that text: "PLEASE NOTE: If your transactions fail at anytime, you can safely resume by restarting. Each transaction costs about 3-4 bits and you can publish up to 25 chunks within a 10 minute window. The most common problem is reaching the Dust Limit and the solution is to add more BCH into your wallet."
So I saw that: "Effective balance: 155.85 bits Confirmed balance: 265.10 bits Unconfirmed balance: -109.25 bits"
And so I tried to send myself money... from $0.25, to $0.50, and then $1...
And each time I've gotten: "Insufficient confirmed funds."
WHAAAA! So I have to wait 10 minutes to do anything, then?
Wow this is frustrating.
I was finally able to send myself $0.50: "Effective balance: 1,096.05 bits Confirmed balance: 265.10 bits Unconfirmed balance: 830.95 bits"
But... still can't publish. I guess the unconfirmed balance needs to go through, too.
So, if I'd be using this in the future, I'd want to make sure that I had plenty of bits in my account so I won't be waiting a BTC amount of time to post stuff.
The funds finally got confirmed, I retried, and the story posted: "1,091.62 bits"
It's in the paid content section.


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With regard to searching MEMO:
Yes you can !
Go to the "POSTS" heading and search. If you start from you will have a smooth transition from latest to earliest results.
it is (thankfully!) unpolished but for anything simple enough it works well.
Hope this helps
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