Hello friends, I've been disconnected a bit from my publications for two days because since my nephew found out about Yours.org he has been very curious to know more about the platform and to know the people that make it up ... In my publication of yesterday comment a tribute that my nephew yesterday came to my house and began to browse through the publications while he accompanied me to read and observe them, seeing the # TheBCHBoys, wanted to make a tribute making his profile image and it seemed very beautiful, began to draw it in paint and wanted it to remain as similar and beautiful as possible. And they already managed to observe what I do in my publication... https://www.yours.org/content/art-in-paint--tribute-to--thebchboys-by-my-nephew-0641be89599c
Very early today my nephew came home, because today is a national holiday in my country and it is a day to meet as a family. I was not slow in stepping on my house when I was already wondering if someone had liked his drawing that he had done with the greatest joy in the world and I told him that if it had seemed nice and great to many people and that they had given him a surprise , did not fit the emotion and I told him who had made the drawing had given him a popina and not only the founder of Yours.org, I mean the most important and influential person on the platform had also given him a tip could now spend it or save it for the ... I did not have the emotion and said I wanted to thank all the people who had liked his drawing as well as "that man", referring to #RyanXCharles and asked me to show him who was the one who had given him a tip for his effort and liked his drawing, then he borrowed the computer and began to make another very meaningful drawing for him as he was the portrait of the great #RyanXCharles, between his purity and his soul of angel began to draw but something caused me curiosity at the time I should draw the "Habano or snuff" of Mr. Charles stopped and said "No to him I should not draw that, in my school I was taught that smoking is bad and the he must stop smoking ", It was something very nice of him https://www.yours.org/@ryanxcharles a person that thanks to him we are here reading my stories and I reading his ... I hope you liked it and #RyanXCharles can print it and save it in some nice place ...
I say goodbye I will make my nephew beautiful because he asked me to share some of his tips to take him to the park to eat an ice cream and spend a different afternoon ... Regards