Hello. I have just filled a form on fiverr.com here:
Ticket Category>> Other Buying features
Subject >> Bitcoin cash
My actual message was:
"Hello. I want to buy Gigs with Bitcoin cash crypto currency. Bitcoin cash (BCH) has large user base with market cap over 22 billion and low transaction fees (currently under 0.01 USD). Large payment processors like BitPay (https://bitpay.com/pay-with-bitcoin) supports BCH so integration should be simple. Let me know if I will be able to pay with Bitcoin Cach on fiverr.com in near future? Thanks."

I hope that if more people will ask to add BCH payment option on merchant websites ( like fiverr.com ) which used to use Bitcoin previously but dropped because of high fees – we will see Bitcoin cash payment option will pop up sooner or later.
We just have to keep asking.
They know how Bitcoin works and that a fee 1- 2 USD fee per transaction is too high if you buy just one gig (a service for 5 USD).



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