On August 31 of each year, by decree of the General Assembly of the United Nations, the International Day of Solidarity is commemorated, with the strong conviction and intention to promote the vital need to make international efforts, based on this fundamental value. In this way, this principle is highlighted as a moral priority that conditions and demands policies to benefit the progress of the different countries and their population. To this end, the local characteristics and the reality of each nation must be taken into account.
Solidarity means helping, supporting, protecting, supporting just causes, that allow changing the transcendental problems present in the world, that make it a more livable, more balanced and less inequitable place. It is a characteristic that fosters mutual collaboration between people and leads to overcome terrible situations, such as wars, hunger, poverty, epidemics, natural disasters, diseases and many other social problems.
So today I want to congratulate the entire community of yours for having so much solidarity with us Venezuelans that we are going through this humanitarian crisis, where most of the people who ask for help are for lack of medicines, food and more ..... which deserve a very strong applause THANK YOU ........
Excuse my english use google translator


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