It was early in the morning, but he had no time to rest. It was the beginning of September, and he knew full well what that meant. He quickly got out of bed and walked through the empty apartment to the kitchen to get something for breakfast. Ah, the same old routine. It’s been summer for so long, he almost forgot how it goes. The cereal tasted a bit dry even with the added milk, but it was the best he had. Once he finished eating, he grabbed up some clean clothes that were presentable enough for public use, took a quick shower and got dressed. His schoolbag was already waiting for him by the door, so he took it, put it on his back, and left the house.
A long time ago he would have taken the bus to school. But that was back then. Now he just walked. Walking is healthy. It was just a half hour jog, and no buses ran anymore anyway. The city was as silent as it’s been in years, maybe even more so. Who knows. At some point it becomes impossible to compare. At least there were still the occasional birds to keep him company. He could never quite see them, but he could hear them every now and then.
As such, it was no surprise that he almost jumped out of his skin in fright when a sudden loud noise broke the everlasting silence. His eyes widened as he turned his head, hastily trying to find the source of the commotion, but he soon calmed down. Of course! No need to worry. A building just collapsed somewhere in the city. It happens now and then, all these buildings are pretty old and rotten, and only the silence maintains them nowadays. He just shook his head, smiling at his own hubris, and he continued on his way.
He casually walked down the middle of the road towards the school. There was nothing to worry about, cars haven’t traversed these roads for years. Soon, the large, menacing, gray building of the university was towering above him. It used to be yellow, but the years, the dirt and the everlasting dusk aged it heavily. He didn’t mind though, in fact, he barely even remembered what it used to look like.
He was well over the age where someone would be going to school, but he was doing so anyway. Was it necessity? Or just a habit? Does it matter? He made his way through the school gates and into the building towards his classroom. He knew the path well, he’s taken it countless times. Except during the summer. People don’t go to school in the summer!
The classroom was as empty, gray and as ruinous as everything else in the city, but he didn’t even notice anymore. He smiled and waved at nobody in particular, then walked inside and sat down to one of the desks in the very front. He put down his bag onto the floor next to him and turned forward. He stared at the whiteboard lying against the wall, waiting, alone in the ruined classroom.



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