Problem: b:// are not searchable in bitdb
Solution: Make them searchable by rewarding b:// visualizing services
There are currently 5 services providing basic file upload and visualizing of b:// :, pagereturn, bitpaste, bitcoinfiles and bico. All of them provide identical service and the only way to drive traffic is to (a) upload, (b) direct link to file
The following protocol proposal will make the uploaded files searchable and will introduce another way for driving traffic - through bitdb searches.
Extending the b:// protocol
The following example is for imaginary[tx_id] visualizer
1. Create b:searchable protocol for your site with $ (OP_RETURN)
["$", "useradd", "[PROTOCOL_ADDRESS]"] ["$", "echo" "Oyo files", "to", "name"] ["$", "echo" "", "to", "tx_url"]
2. Upload file with the b:// protocol
["19HxigV4QyBv3tHpQVcUEQyq1pzZVdoAut", "[Image Buffer]", "image/png", "binary"]
Results in tx_id [TX_ID]
3. Create description for the b:// file
["[PROTOCOL_ADDRESS](34)", "[TX_ID](32)", "name of the file(32)", "description(1024)"]
The description above will be searchable and it can be directly linked to the visualizer via the tx_url provided in the protocol.
The sites implementing the protocol can also add tags, categories, etc...
Searching for descriptions
To ensure the meta data is created by the protocol creator, you must check if "in.e.a" is equal to "[PROTOCOL_ADDRESS]" in your searches