I noticed many on twitter and reddit ridiculing Roger Ver for his comment on the death of babies caused by not having economic freedom.
Here is what he said:
So that means more babies are dying in countries around the world because they have less economic freedom.
More people are starving to death because they have less economic freedom.
People are literally dying because of this, I am not exaggerating, this is a life and death matter around the world because we haven't been able to bring more economic freedom to the world.
Less economic freedom implies less economic opportunities, less investment, less jobs, etc. It is not hard to see this leading to starvation or deaths. I think this is a tautology.

So I dig into it and found a research on this exact topic:
1) Less economic freedom seems to cause people to die early.

2) Less economic freedom seems to cause babies dying.

3) Less economic freedom seems to cause extreme poverty.

4) Less economic freedom seems to cause more corruption.

It is quite telling to see what Bitcoin means to different people.
To people like Roger Ver, it means total control of your own life, total economic freedom. He has probably spent thousands of hours thinking, talking and reading about the topic. He is envisioning a future where economic freedom is preventing wars, deaths and all sorts of central-bank powered violence.
To people who mock Roger Ver for saying "Babies are dying because of less economic freedom", Bitcoin seems to be only for the rich for the first world. To them, Bitcoin must be hoarded, protected at all costs. Bitcoin is not for, as Samson Mow puts it, for the poor.
And that's where Bitcoin Cash community part ways in the philosophy with the Bitcoin Core.
So if you mocked Roger Ver for saying what he said, at least acknowledge the fact that babies do die because of less economic freedom and have the decency to stop mocking the guy for saying it.


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Thank you for writing this up! They are doing us a favor by callously mocking developing countries. Still, heartbreaking.
   2yr ago
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Unfortunately, there are lots of narcissists in the crypto community who are focused on getting a moon lambo for themself, rather than empowering billions of poor people with cryptocurrency & economic freedom, so they can pull themselves out of poverty.
   2yr ago
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While you can't deny this is a bit sensationalist, I fully believe that Bitcoin can revolutionize countries with corrupt governments and no economic freedom. This is definitely the thing that excites me most about Bitcoin, and the place where it can make a difference right away.
Here are the videos where this is from (recent Roger Ver & Samson Mow debate): https://www.yours.org/content/heated-deconomy-debate-between-roger-ver-and-samson-mow--links-to-vide-3c637b53d926
(sorry for plugging my own thread)
   2yr ago
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This article demonstrates exactly what I was thinking when Roger mentioned it during the speech. When people are scoffing and ridiculing Roger for making such a comment it really annoys me, when there is so much truth to what he says. Bitcoin's vision is and has always been to empower the people of the world to have economic freedom , whether they are rich or poor. If people believe in a fairer world, they will believe in Bitcoin Cash and support it all the way.
   2yr ago
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Eye-opening and interesting stats from Economic Freedom of the World Annual Report 2012, World Development Indicators, thank you, sent you a tip
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