"No Being shall Harm another Being"

To recognize basic indicators of Evil

- observe how prominent is the intention to
"...do something now to some 'other' group...".

This fundamental intention reveals evil motives.

The 'other' group is redefined on whim of convenience,
whatever planned always revises to something worse.

How does this work ?

A notable flaw within human mentality is the tendency to segregate populations by visible differentiations.


Tyrants are Predators.

The Prey is the population a Tyrant feeds from.
Tyrants distract their Prey from predation costs by using a

Circus of Sacrifice

The Circus of Sacrifice follows a predictable sequence:
  • Identify a weak minority group to be a current Sacrifice.
  • Determine some visible trait to paint the Sacrifice.
  • Create a basic social noise about the Sacrifice.
  • Illuminate some aspect of the Sacrifice to be "unsocial".
  • Criminalize the "unsocial" aspect of the Sacrifice.
  • The ensuing drama of Police Circus reinforces the reign of Tyranny.
  • Repeat as necessary, 'ad nauseam'.

There is only one hope for any population:

--- Recognize Evil before Evil recognizes you. ---


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Perhaps in the comments you can suggest current Tyrants and their current Sacrifice Circus. One that comes to mind as a first suggestion would be:



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