I loved my job, I want the money I make cooking to reach for more than just eating and surviving here. One of the things I like about my job is that I am in it all day, and it works as amnesia in the face of the crisis and the misery in which I am living with many other Venezuelans.

Helping my neighbors.

Today, after having worked 7 days in a row, plus 15h a day. I finally have a day off. However, on my day off I must collect water and help my neighbors fill their tanks too. I've been here all my life, I grew up in this neighborhood and I still live here. When I was a child the water flowed through the pipes, I remember the days of carnival, we played to get wet with buckets of water to celebrate the carnival. All that was over a while ago.

Today I could pay, the days I should not go on foot and bring water with a wheelbarrow or on my back.

Today I must help my neighbors because they are too old to be doing this, and their children who grew up with me have left the country due to the crisis. We are few young people here. This neighborhood is near a university and was previously visited, today it is desolate. In addition to paying money that I do not have, to fill a few buckets of water, I must take food from my mouth to pay for water practically.
Another day that reminds me that I must escape this somehow...
Ahhh ... and then suspend our electric service for 6 hours or more :)
"I want to ask for your support to start this project that I have been developing for a long time, I only need $ 300 to buy the raw material and keep prices and beat hyperinflation. With this I aspire to pay by my own means the end of my cooking course and achieve a better quality of life for my family and relatives. If you can and want to help me I will be really grateful."