Good Friends of Yours.Org, I already missed them a little.

I return to this platform since I have achieved more free time because in a few days I return to Venezuela.

My departure from the country was due to the situation of the already known worldwide, I am currently in Colombia in the North department of Santander in the city of Cucuta and bordering with Venezuela, Visit Peru, Ecuador and Colombia (City of Cali) .

I already have nine months outside the country my experience was a little hard at the time of getting a job since in Peru there is a lot of Xenophobia towards the Venezuelan however I managed to resist 6 months in the beautiful city of Lima - Peru, The situation that made me return to Colombia was the excases of work for the Venezuelan, I arrived in Colombia to the city of Cali, it was great for me to get a job quickly, I lived with my father, his wife and my younger brother, I spent 3 months in that wonderful city of Colombia I decided to go to Venezuela because I miss my mother a lot and I already had a lot of problems at home with my father's wife and because I could no longer work for a lumbar hernia which I learned recently since my work was strong (Construction) and I decided to go to Venezuela sadly I had to sell my cell phone to complete the ticket and then it was not enough to get to cross to Venezuela and go to my house I had to receive the I have a cousin here in the city of Cucuta Colombia and well I am waiting to quickly gather the ticket and go home again.

Here I will leave photos of my journey through Latin America, there are not many since most of my time was just work that even this community separates me.
Leaving the country was not my best experience but it was not so bad since I learned many things from life
Thanks for reading and I returned to this platform soon with good quality content as always.


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