She sat there, on the bench next to the big tree. Even though it was still hot September day, in the shadow of that giant, and fresh wind from the shore, she felt mild shivering.
Kids happy with the change. One is drawing and other walking her new friend, little puppy.
After not seeing each other for the whole summer, her partner and she,are all in love, appreciating every moment they spent together, every look, every touch, every breath.
Their lives have changed for better...
She is sitting outside, having morning coffee. The sun is hot, and fells like being in Spain and not in Czech.
You can’t solve a problem with same consciousness that it was created; something like that said Mr. Einstein.
She is not hopeless at all.
There is ton of ideas in her head, some good. She is . . that close to make it. All the years, working on things, learning, being not paid by cannot get lost.
But also, not super cheerful.
Tickets, finding a campo house, paying a rent, while working on all that things, like cryptodignity and money_button implementation, constantly having two kids on her side, which are:fighting often, bored often, ...
She is an idiot, and a genius. Ordinary, not ordinary girl, which
appeared to be the main protagonist
in a fiction story
of manifesting her life...
He is off.
Playing a gig tonight with a gypsy band. Honor. White guitarist accepted by gitanos!
None of the girls feels like to go home.
So happy they are back in Spain, with that cute puppy that have changed the little girl from someone needy of attention to someone happily giving the attention; no more moaning, no more freaking mother, no more annoyed older sister, who just can’t do her things, because the younger one does not allow it.
All three are licking ice-cream, which they bought with Bitcoin Cash just now.

Pop! by HandCash is amazing and everybody uses it here.

Tears of joy are rolling down on her cheeks, they made it. They are free...


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Hint to understand what those stories are about:
They say, we create reality. With our thoughs, feelings, intentions.
I am aware of that, sometimes. But too often I am focused on making it. You know, life. Food etc. Too often worry about money. So how can I make it?
I took a different approach. I am imagining the life I want, thats the first part of the storys. Then writing the "real" one. Thats under the *.
You know what? I am liking it. And today, few days since really started to happen, and it is a ride!!!
Stay tuned, its a story with an open end....
   1yr ago