Quickly in out, in out, in out, and the last breath long in and even longer out.
This exercise always helps.
She feels the stuck energy releasing, goose bums all over the body.
She doesn’t give a shit anymore if someone is watching,
Turns her back to the sea and bows down. Make a triangle with her palms and head and lifts her legs and bum towards the sky.
Oh, how she is loving the ocean view from this upside down perspective. Even though it is just a sea, she like the name and feel of ocean more.
Catalonia, Costa Blanca.
Happy to live here.
They always called it that way. The years of girls’ childhood, spent on Andalusian beaches, sleeping in the Van, cooking on fire. Waking up with first rays of sun, falling sleep with bright stars.
Recycling food from supermarkets, walking dog on the shore, shouting into wild waves, loud and far, the two blond angels joining in the screams.
Living being could not hear anything at these wild waves times. What a release!

Today they would probably be ashamed for her. Time passes quickly and children innocents and openness as well.
Still, she is blessed and mostly content, they are extraordinary, kind, aware kids.
It was good pick hold them off the society, even if doubted at times; they do have a heart on the right place, and whatever path they might choose later, she is sure they will find themselves after all.
Could one buy that with money? Even with sound money? Hardly, maybe even impossibly.
Still hot days in Czech. And full house today. And neighbours are working on the gardens. Trains passing. Airplanes.
Usually we do not notice sound pollution, if not extreme.
But when you are recording a tune? Oh, jee, those things matter.
Luckily, she has a car to use this summer.
Luckily, she bought ice - creams this morning.
What that means???
Corrupting the kids, buying herself more time.
Stuffing the car: guitar, amp, phone, water, tobacco.
And off she is, to the quietness of green forest,
Where squirrels running the show
To fulfil her idea for the Money_Button release.
And make some cash (bitcoin) to get fly tickets
Because if you always do, what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got…..
Is that David Ickes saying?!
No way! Time to thrive has arrived…