The word spread quickly.
About the tunes as well about Bitcoin Cash. People are open here. At least those, she has the honor to meet with. All possible minds, kinds and nationalities.
Now she has a meetup once a week, in a park near by Barrio Bitcoin.
Making tunes and accepting only crypto. Either with money_button, Pop! By HandCash or she is swapping for different things.
All she always wanted, she has now. Her micro cosmos is fair.
It works like this:
Your salary is 50 euro a day. Therefore, if you want your tune, you give her half, 25 bucks.
You are homeless, you want your tune, you give smile.
You are a busyness owner and make 5 000 a day, then if you want your tune, you give her two and half.
Traveller? No income, but some savings? Well, what can you offer to share, to teach, her or her kids?
Having a skill, she can appreciate? Very welcome. The online presence is growing, people helping with videos, websites, courses, books.
From everything she gets, she gives 20% away, 10 to Eat bitcoin cash, and other 10 to individuals, on Yours, or elsewhere.
She arranged paper wallets for homeless people around and on her way to downtown, she is tipping them. Collecting dump phones and giving them away, CoinText gaining attention and use cases. She is between the first poeple testing it in Spain.
Adoption grows rapidly, and people can purchase food.
The sky is covered with chem trails. Another hot day. Better not to think of Niburu theories. If there going to be next summer, if there is going to be cash, maybe an Iceland is a better pick then Czech.
And who knows, things do change in a blink of an eye, Catalonia is not that hot like Andalucía, and they might have a garden to care after, pool to cool in, and stay in Spain for a change.
While working on her projects that shall bring happiness, increase awareness about crypto, and financial gain, she is still sticking to the new approach of creating reality and found out next step of doing so.
Bought modelling clay this morning. Announced last night, that she will start meditating on home near by Barcelona and would welcome the help of Anika and Paola. They are all for to go after all, missing their father and Spain. Summer ends soon, …
So todays plan is to play with clay and create what they want. Sit around it, live it in their minds and hearts, and breathe.
As for that it would not be enough to pay for, email came that bill for website hosting needs to be paid till 5th of September.

She should feel hopeless by now. But somehow it did not come yet. Worry, yes. But also, immense shower of energy this morning and strength to keep going and do not give up.

Someone who she respects wrote her: Welcome in the team: keep trying
That someone is a woman, living on other site of the planet
Doing her best and adding a lot to the life and poeple.
Little big things matters.
Someone else she respects, living who knows where, already twice explained her about things happening in Crypto, that she had hard to understand.
The world will never know about it; but those poeple are respected in Bitcoin Cash community and many of you would love to talk with them.
Some things you can not buy with money.
:-) She is very rich and very grateful, to have such a friends, and she knows that energy can not get lost. The wealth and easier life is hanging in the air,

and they are amost, almost touching it....