In Venezuela there is an economic and social crisis that severely affects the health and nutrition of the country with a large shortage of medical supplies and basic foods that provide a high cost of these products, it is very common for people who need help to seek help On the internet, as a result of this, many people find your website for help requests made by other users, the demand of the charity section increases every day because websites like GoFundMe are not valid in Venezuela because It is required to have an identification document and bank account of the United States. Cryptocurrencies have become very popular in Venezuela as many people who have relatives in foreign countries send money through cryptocurrencies due to the ease of use and low commission cost. Currently there are many people who buy cryptocurrencies with Bolivares (our Fiat currency) directly to our national bank account and even some businesses already accept payments in different cryptocurrencies. Explained this I will detail some costs of food, medicine and medical services: The basic food basket is currently at 2,491,159 Bolivares approximately $475, while the monthly salary is stipulated at 18,000 Bolivares about $3.30 at the current rate. Medical expenses: A consultation with a general practitioner costs 35,000 Bolivares ($6.62).
Medical consultation with a specialist doctor (Cardiologist, Neurologist, Otorhinolaryngologist etc ...) They have a variable price at a minimum of 120,000 Bolivares ($22.77).
A chemotherapy session costs 2,292,980 Bolivares ($420).
Cerebral exams which is in high demand in my country has a cost of 2,107,000 to 3,688.00 ($400 to $700) Some food prices are:
Bread stick has a value of 6,000 Bolivares ($1.13). Wheat flour has a value of 9,000 Bolivares ($1.70). Kilogram of Meat has a value of 17,000 Bolivares ($3.22). Chicken Kilogram has a value of 12,000 Bolivares ($2.27). Kilogram of Spaghetti has a value of 11,500 Bolivares ($2.18). Kilogram of rice 10,300 Bolivares ($1.95). With these prices I want to give an idea of ​​the approximate cost of living in my country still need to include other supplies and basic expenses such as shampoo, soap, detergent, deodorant, toothpaste, internet service, telephone service, school enrollment, transportation ticket etc... The approximate total cost of living in my country Venezuela is $900 per month and we only earn $3.30 per month, which is why many people ask for help and probably continue to increase demand. A personal example is my father who needs to use medicines for the heart and blood pressure whose monthly expenses are at least $59 a month and currently needs a catheterization whose cost is $479 today a sum that is impossible to access for any Venezuelan.
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