A couple of weeks ago, thanks to a user of the Bitcoin Cash Venezuela Telegram group, I was able to learn that Yours.org registration dynamics had changed in a radical way that is making it impossible to register new users.
On that occasion, I recommended this user to register, because he is an artist with great talent, but after a while he wrote me asking for an invitation code.
After receiving that answer I went to the platform, to explore and generate the code that this guy needed. After exploring for a while I realized that there was no option for that purpose.
That same week I received a response from a Steemit user, to whom I had commented on this social network based on Bitcoin Cash, and that person answered me shortly after the request of the guy I mentioned earlier to ask me about the invitation code .
After that, I wrote to Ryan X Charles and the Yours account on Twitter, and even reported the problem on the Slack of "YoursNetwork", however, so far I have not received any answers.
Today Yours.org was mentioned again in the Venezuela channel of the Discord Server of the BCA, and the user who was suggested to try this social network asked for the invitation code. I had to answer that at the moment it is not possible to register in Yours because there is no way for ordinary users to generate it.
Please, solve this or make a statement explaining the reasons.


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I'd love to know too. Knowing that we are in a sealed box in here is not very comforting. I thought the idea was to expand the platform? Or maybe it's reverse psychology. If you stop people from getting in, you'll create more demand.
It would be nice to know what the real story is.
   2wk ago