The Bitcoin Cash Fund has had a busy June–from the launch of a new website, to securing multiple new partnerships, to rolling out a new bounty program in Venezuela– the team has been all hands on deck. Here is an overview of the general Bitcoin Cash marketing for the month, projects that we have in the works, and initiatives that we are looking to start in the near future.



The Bitcoin Cash Fund entered a strategic partnership with top-rated messaging app YeeCall. YeeCall has over 33 million users worldwide and is growing its user base by the day. The app offers high-quality internet calls, HD video & voice, and real-time instant messaging. Most importantly, it now features an integrated Bitcoin Cash wallet. We provided YeeCall with BCH to airdrop to their users who hold 10,000 or more YEE tokens in their YeeWallet.

We partnered with e-commerce discount store, Purse allows users to purchase Amazon items at a discounted price – provided they pay in Bitcoin. Last year Purse saved shoppers more than $2M. They plan to double that in 2018, and with a little help from Bitcoin Cash. The Bitcoin Cash Fund partnered with Purse to donate $5,000 in BCH – that was matched by $5,000 in BCH from Purse – for a total of $10,000 in BCH CashBack rewards. On June 1st, Purse credited the first 1,000 users to make payments using Bitcoin Cash with $10 BCH CashBack rewards.

In honor of Bitcoin Pizza Day, the Bitcoin Cash Fund allocated a bounty of 10,000 bits (.01 BCH) to each of the 100 cities listed on the website. is a website dedicated to growing merchant adoption of Bitcoin Cash. Anyone can go to their website and post a BCH bounty to reward a pizza shop in any city listed. Pizza establishments can then claim the bounties by accepting Bitcoin Cash in their business.


Github is a new tipping bot powered by Bitcoin Cash. The new platform will reward developers in Bitcoin Cash for building out requested features and solving bug reports for the popular cryptocurrency in GitHub. Inspired by the Reddit Tippr bot, GitCash provides a quick and easy way to reward fellow Github users and show appreciation for the developers writing the open source code. It supports custom user profiles, a complete tipping event history, and a full-featured wallet capable of generating and sweeping password protected BIP38 paper wallets. The Bitcoin Cash Fund, pledged to donate to the project and provide promotional support for the launch of GitCash.


As most are familiar running ads for cryptocurrencies has become increasingly difficult. Although, if the bitcoin ecosystem has taught us anything it’s that we are resilient in the face of adversity, and we alway find a way to get the job done. Here are the advertisements and the platforms that we are running them on. We will continue to use creative tactics to advertise on these platforms to spread awareness and education of Bitcoin Cash.

Youtube Barber Ad

This ad was a very well produced general awareness ad for Bitcoin Cash. We targeted industries that we know are most likely to be interested in cryptocurrencies, but might not have had exposure to them just yet. The ad showed on some pretty large and popular channels including Bloomberg, Vice, and CNN.

Twitter Ad to Home Page

This ad was targeted to certain accounts and interests that we know are most likely to be interested in cryptocurrency, but again might not be familiar with Bitcoin Cash specifically. The goal was to get them to the home page so they can navigate and educate themselves based on what they were most interested in.

Twitter Ad to Merchant Onboarding Page

This ad was targeted towards online merchants. We realize it would be ideal to target every single business to accept Bitcoin Cash, but it’s more effective to target the “low hanging fruit” in the beginning. Which through research and feedback we’ve noticed that online merchants are the most likely to make the switch without much friction.
Overall just through our Twitter ads alone we have sent over 50,000 new people to the website. In order to really spread mass adoption we need to educate as many people as possible so they are familiar with what Bitcoin Cash is and what it can do for the world. BCF will continue to add to it’s advertisements and marketing campaigns to educate and advocate Bitcoin Cash to as many people as possible.

Current Projects:


This project took take place in Toronto, Canada on July 1st, an international holiday called Canada Day. As thousands of people flood the city streets on their day off the Bitcoin Cash Fund is sponsored a full size Bitcoin Cash lit LED screen on all sides of a moving advertising truck. We’ve donated funds and given instructions so that people in the crowds could download a wallet and scan the truck to receive free Bitcoin Cash. It’s a great way to spread awareness and give people a fun and easy first experience with Bitcoin Cash.

Breaking Bitcoin Documentary

This is a much larger project, following up on the popular (BTC) Netflix documentary ‘Banking on Bitcoin’. Breaking Bitcoin plans to update viewers on everything that’s happened since the fork, what caused it, where the ecosystem is now, and the steps we’re taking to make sure that Bitcoin Cash stays true to the original vision set forth. On top of the updates, the documentary will show footage from real life scenarios around the world where Bitcoin Cash is solving real world problems, now. Not just speculative possibilities in the future, but the effects it’s having on real people and how it’s changing their everyday lives for the better.


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