It’s that time again. I’m excited to give you guys a summary of what we have been doing over the last month! Lot's has been happening.

We launched the site. This was a big one for us. This is something we have been working on for a few months now. It was really important to us that we got this site right. will be a fundamental piece in our strategy to drive Bitcoin Cash adoption.
Our broad strategy for the site is to onboard new users, new businesses, and get the Bitcoin Cash community more involved in spreading adoption and more connected within the ecosystem.
The site will act as a funnel for a significant amount of our marketing initiatives. Online ads are the bread and butter of online marketing, but for them to be effective you need have clear actions you expect your target to take once they click on the ad. This meant we needed a site that we had full control over so we can carefully guide potential new users/businesses to take a specific action. Each page/section on the site has a specific purpose and guides people to take a specific action.
The next steps for the site are to add translations, and add lots more useful content including tutorials, the history of Bitcoin, and to launch our SpendBCH campaign.
If you have a website we would very kindly ask that you include a link to with text along the lines of…
To learn more about Bitcoin Cash, go to
Our web developer, Cameron, will be doing a more comprehensive update on the site later on in the month. So keep an eye out for that.

Ads for Bitcoin Cash

We have been constantly running ads on youtube and twitter with some excellent metrics. Unfortunately, certain sites are making it very difficult/impossible to run ads for Bitcoin Cash right now (e.g. reddit and facebook).
In the next week we will start running ads on cryptocurrency sites such as CCN to start funneling people who already have an interest in cryptocurrencies to the relevant page.
Later in the year we will be developing a high-end Bitcoin Cash ad. With this ad we will spend plenty of time on the concepting phase to get the most out of our ad spend.
Cody, our marketing manager, will be writing up an update on how these ads have been doing later in the month.

SpendBCH Campaign

This is a campaign we have had in the works for a while. The official announcement of the campaign will come later this week, but I felt it would be useful to give a few details ahead of time. A necessary fact of having Bitcoin Cash adopted across the globe is the need for people to have somewhere to spend their Bitcoin Cash. That means we need to significantly expand the number of merchants accepting Bitcoin Cash. To achieve this we are launching a pilot of a campaign we are calling #SpendBCH.
The idea is to pay bounties to people who onboard new merchants with Bitcoin Cash. This solves two problems to kickstart a closed loop economy. 1) How to get more merchants to accept BCH. 2) How to get those merchants customers who already have some BCH to spend with them. By paying BCH to bounty hunters we provide Bitcoincashers with places to spend their BCH, and provide merchants customers who will spend BCH.
We will be launching the pilot of the campaign in Venezuela later this month. Venezuela needs access to a better financial system more than anywhere else in the world. We will then open the campaign to the rest of South America, then North America and finally Europe. We decided to use a regional staggered release to make sure we are able to execute the campaign in a controlled way.
You can learn more about the campaign at


The number of Bitcoin Cash meetups around the world continues to expand. If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest going and checking to see a sea of green.
There are now 94 Bitcoin Cash meetups. As far as we are aware this is significantly more than any other cryptocurrency community and it is a testament to the energy in our community.
We are still providing support to meetups, and are constantly looking at how we can improve the support we provide.
Later this month Monica will be writing a more detailed update on all the progress that we have been making with meetups.
If you are interested in hosting a Bitcoin Cash meetup, get in touch!

Bitcoin Documentary

(credit to Rob for the photo)
We are still making progress on the Bitcoin documentary detailing the history leading up to the fork on August 1st and the reasons why Bitcoin Cash is so important. The next block of filming is actually happened yesterday at the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy Opening event, and it was a great success.
We are currently looking at getting footage in Colombia/Venezuela and South Sudan as well, to show people that truly need Bitcoin Cash yesterday.
The concepting work for some of the educational animations is now complete and we will soon be producing the actual motion graphics from this. We wanted to make sure we spent plenty of time making sure the concepts were extremely well thought out to allow us to convey a very complex system (Bitcoin/blockchain) in a way that a lay-person can properly grasp. This is a slow burner project as it is important that quality remains high and we get it right. We’ll announce more on this as we make progress. #CashBack Campaign

We have partnered with to launch their site-wide Bitcoin Cash services. We have provided them $5000 which they have matched with another $5000 to offer customers who spend using Bitcoin Cash $10 in BCH cashback with every purchase. This campaign was original meant to launch at the beginning of June but some technical issues have delayed the campaign slightly. We will be sure to post about it on our social media accounts the moment the campaign launches.


We are currently in the process of producing a set of tutorials to make it even easier for people to get setup with Bitcoin Cash. These include;
  • How and why a merchant should accept Bitcoin Cash.
  • How to buy Bitcoin Cash from an Bitcoin ATM.
  • How to buy Bitcoin Cash from an exchange.
  • How to start using
  • How to install payment processor plugins on your site to accept Bitcoin Cash.
  • How to use the different Bitcoin Cash wallets.
  • And more...
All of these guides are being produce in both video and text form in multiple languages and will be included on the site.

Community Projects

A truck that sports bright LED billboards on the sides and back that display the Bitcoin Cash logo. Also display some information to allow viewers/target audience to quickly access pertinent information to get them started with Bitcoin Cash.
Drive the BCH LED billboard truck around the downtown core of Toronto on Canada Day (July 1st). This should create great publicity/marketing, increase awareness, and hopefully help spur adoption as a result.
The truck will also be displaying private key QR code with some Bitcoin Cash as a giveaway to people on the street.
If you are in or around Toronto please spread the word. It will be driving around on July 1st for 10 hours. We will put some info up on the rough route it will take.
The original Satoshi Nakamoto Institute was a great resource for the Bitcoin community. It allowed the community to see what Satoshi’s plans and thoughts were on Bitcoin. A lot of the misunderstanding of how Bitcoin actually functions was fully explained by Satoshi early on. I have often seen people exclaim that Satoshi didn’t predict this or that, but his early comments actually showed he had thought of almost everything up front.
Unfortunately, like many areas of the Bitcoin ecosystem, the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute was co-opted from the inside by people who are actually against the Bitcoin that Satoshi built. They have kicked one of the main founders, Daniel Krawisz, who produce most of the non-Satoshi content for the site.
In response Derek Magill has built a new site to carry over the torch of the original site.
We at the BCF understand the importance of this and have committed to providing $1000 per month for the next 3 months to Derek to build out the content on the site and make the original writings of Satoshi more accessible.


We are extremely proud of our live-chat community on discord. We feel we have one of the most positive and engaged communities out there and we are growing rapidly. We now have over 1200 members. If you want to join us and get involved, go to


We spent $43,064 in May.
You can find a list of every payment we made HERE. We’ve included a graph at the bottom of the spreadsheet to give an overview of what our spending is going towards.
Bear in mind, the costs of staff is not the cost of admin. The whole of the BCF team has a specific added-value role (e.g. Meetup expansion, ad development, web development, community growth and management etc.). Thanks for taking the time to read through our update, and thank you all so much for your support. Please leave your comments below, we love to hear from you!


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The fact that we are having more and more meetups is amazing. It feels so good to finally have an organised community and the Bitcoin Cash Fund is primarily responsible for that. They are the core (pun intended) organisation that is helping the community help Bitcoin Cash.
I have never met a Bitcoin Casher in my life but in August I will be in Europe and the first of August is the celebration of the exodus block where the community made the bold decision to not remain in slavery to blockstream/core & co but to do our own thing.
I am looking forward to seeing the Bitcoin documentary. To finally accepting BCH for payments. I use amazon once in a while so I hope I will be able to save some money by using and my own Bitcoin Cash.
The tutorials that are coming are really cool. One of the things that we could not do in the early days of Bitcoin was to educate people. But that is all going to change. The Bitcoin Cash trucks and busses are great marketing!
I am also excited about the initiative of the community to preemptively save the Satoshi Nakamoto institute from corruption.
We welcome Daniel Krawisz in to our community all though I don't really think he was ever NOT a member of our community because as we all know. Bitcoin Cash is as much Bitcoin as Bitcoin-BTC (maybe even more) and any rational person that was already invested in to Bitcoin-BTC would not have sold all his Bitcoin-BCH coins. (or the other way around for that matter). Best to wait and see what chain the market decides has the most value. also got 1 BCH in bounties from the Bitcoin Cash Fund which we are grateful for.
Thanks for these reports /u/singularity87 and for all the hard work you and your staff do towards making Bitcoin Cash become a successful payment system, used in commerce over the entire planet. It's nice to have a community where by far most people are all in the same boat. Keep on rocking that Bitcoin boat!
For me personally joining the Bitcoin Cash Fund discord server was a very good decision. It's a wholesome place. Anybody that wants to offer his services to help make Bitcoin Cash a success should try it and might end up becoming more and more active in the community. To be able to work towards adoption we need good leadership and good organisations. The Bitcoin Cash fund is one of the best things that ever happened for Bitcoin Cash, I truly believe that. And I still smile when I see people quote /u/singularity87 his now famous reddit post. Cause it's the truth! And we need to keep on standing up for the truth!
Let's hope more organizations like the Bitcoin Cash fund will be formed. (decentralise without causing division) That we will all cooperate together as a team to give Bitcoin Cash value. If we do it right there will be an overflow of value that might bless many people in this world. Satoshi invented a mighty fine tool but it's up to us to do something meaningful with it.
Matthias Bos aka Kain_niaK
   1yr ago
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Good graph at the end.
   1yr ago
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It's good news ... from Venezuela we can collaborate, do not hesitate to tell us in advance
   1yr ago
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I would love to see tutorials/youTube videos on developing/writing code/building apps on top of BCH. Simple examples to building small stuff using APIs like will help build a strong dev community IMO

Thanks for everything. Funding Nakamoto institute is awesome.
I think linking to free faucet on the website will be cool. I'm also trying to find a page where the cool apps are listed with details/HowTo like cointext, tipprbot, etc. Thanks
   1yr ago
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Are you currently supporting ? She is killing it in Japan in terms of adoption. I am sure she would appreciate a shoutout and some support from you guys.
   1yr ago
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Also the BCHjeepney is in the Philippines spreading BitcoinCash to new users and being seen by 500k people everyday. Looking forward to the fleet of these Jeepney accepting BCH on all there routes and growing the user base for BitcoinCash!
@BCHjeepney follow us on twitter and our official FB page is/bch.jeepney for any updates
   1yr ago
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I can host a meetup! good updates - @rogerkver !! I hope you get a team of promoters and representatives doing #paywithcrypto. @SatoshiLite - has got a foundation working for #PayWithLitecoin - you have @BITMAINtech et al - both of will be like US Dollar and Euro - 📷📷- say YES to peace! #crypto
   1yr ago