This article is related to the BCH Anniversary Challenge post that can be found here (if you have not read it yet I strongly encourage you to read that post first!):
September 2018 Update:
Alas it seems that some of the prize money has gone missing! How is that possible you ask? Well, it's still all there in BCH, but the decline in the market has reduced the prize from about $75 USD at the time the competition started, to about $55 USD at the time of writing this update. The good news is that the market seems like it is again on the up; at least prices have met steep resistance not far below the current levels and so we hope that going forward the value of the competition prize will increase from here! (Fingers crossed).
So far the competition puzzle has not been solved and so the prize money is still up for grabs and able to be verified at the original prize address (check the original post for more details).
The original post provides 4 clues (1 free one and 3 behind a small pay wall) and so the primary purpose of this update is to provide the 5th clue. The first four clues already provided are general hints and insights into how the problem is formulated and the overall approach required for solving it. This 5th clue, however, is the first clue that is directly related to the first of several distinct steps that need to happen to solve the problem. Thus this new clue might be more useful for getting people started down the correct path than the previous clues (though the previous clues are all still useful and valid as they provide some key information about the nature of the problem and possible solution methods).
OK, so without any further ado, the 5th clue is provided behind the pay wall. Please consider taking part in this puzzle or if you are not interested, feel free to refer a friend. A new clue will be posted next month! Until then happy solving!


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