It has been 3 months since i join YOURS, and these days, the functions of YOURS have been developed step by step, and the content of the creation is becoming more and more valuable. Everything is going in the good direction. Before joining YOURS, I've been writing articles on steemit. During this time, I'm also trying to invite more friends to YOURS through my blog, some willing to try, but most of them don't want to.
A good news for us is that some of the author's earnings are increasing, and some excellent authors can even earn hundreds of dollars a day. When I invite my friends, they'll ask me, how much money can I earn?
YOURS's slogan is Earn Cash For Good Content, not Earn Cash For Content, It means that bad content will not earn cash . So what kind of content is a good content? My understanding is, Be helpful to others and Be valuable to others! The operating mechanism of yours and steemit is different. All the funds are from the users, so only the content that is valuable to the user is the good content. (by the way,the start of the money was provided by the founders, thanks very much.)
Maybe someone will refute me, and now most of the articles on yours are about bitcoincash, and other categories of articles are almost no income. Does the article under the other catalogues have no value? Are those content not good content? My answer is that yours is still very young now. Most of the early users are bitcoin cash enthusiasts, and digital money lovers. So the content is more focused on bitcoin cash. But YOURS is growing, and there will be more and more users in the future, and they will have a variety of preferences.
It's fun to write what you like, and maybe not many users who agree with you now, but I believe the future will be more and more.
Before publishing the content, make sure that it is valuable, even if only one user thinks it is valuable, it is valuable.


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Hi jubi,
I tipped you $25.00 for this article. Thank you for using Yours and for your kind words about our platform :)
Right now Yours is mostly about Bitcoin Cash. The most successful content all has to do with Bitcoin Cash. The way to earn money on Yours is to create compelling content about Bitcoin Cash that people are willing to pay for.
We believe this is a a perfectly fine starting point for our social network, but long-term we intend to create a mainstream platform that supports all subject matters and all types of content. We want everyone in the world to be able to earn money for the work they do on social media - not just members of the Bitcoin Cash community :)
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I just now joined and like the concept. Thanks for the helpful article! Good luck on your writing journey!
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