Dear Roger,
I am writing this in regards to the upcoming Bitcoin Cash hardfork as a concerned Bitcoin Cash user and a believer of global money and economic freedom and I kindly request you to keep an open mind until you read till the end of this letter.
I believe you are an important icon in the crypto space and I have huge respect for what you have done all these years promoting Bitcoin full time. I know lots of people turned against you after the first Bitcoin hardfork once you took a stand against BTC propaganda and sided with BCH. It was the right thing to do since BCH was the most logical tool aligned with your vision of economic freedom to the world. Unlike most people in the crypto space who were brainwashed by censorship and propaganda, some people were smart enough to listen to what you were saying and they continued following you. I am one of them, and not a blind follower who agrees with everything what there leaders say. After years of infighting within the bitcoin community for the scaling debate we managed to secure a fighting chance to make the global money with BCH. But we lose the upper hand of the network effect or the popularity. The community is divided, most of them stayed with the core and yet BCH managed to remain the 4th largest crypto currency in the world. I believe you are one of the main reasons why BCH could achieve this much adoption and popularity within a single year.
With all that being said let me tell you what I think about the upcoming hardfork. You can simply disregard this since I am no one. But I believe you wouldn't. I am not a developer nor a member of any cult. Like I said in the beginning am a concerned user who use BCH regularly and who wants to see BCH as the world money. Also I would like to mention that I have some technical knowledge and understanding about Bitcoin and everything that's happening right now.
I believe this upcoming hardfork and the political drama happening around it is really bad for the future of BCH and the future of global money. I know I am not the only one feeling this way and most of the community will agree with me. Somehow this drama is coming to an end with the risk of splitting the chain. We can't really afford this. If the community is split again with two new coins we will be facing lots of consequences. The only way we can move forward with the adoption is being together. We are already 10 years past since Bitcoin is invented and yet we are nearly 0% globally adopted as money. Ryan X. Charles has explained this in his youtube videos better than anyone else. In this case I believe you have made a terrible mistake. I watched your last video about your stand on the hardfork and why you chose to support Bitcoin ABC. We, users really don't care about the implementation you are going to support unless it is not creating a split. What we've been seen here is ABC is pulling up a Blockstream stance and it seems you've fallen into it. Let me explain why.
ABC has proposed changes to the protocol which is not solving any problem right now. Craig Wright opposed to them since the beginning and created his own implementation against these changes. Since these two sides couldn't come to an agreement ABC has started spreading the idea that Craig wants to fork away and create another coin BSV. We saw how ABC's Amaury was pushing people to spread this idea of BSV forking off and now we can clearly see it is working. We all know Craig is a dick, an asshole even he admits he is a dick but does it really matter? I think it doesn't really matter about his personality. What matters is why he is opposing to these changes.
When you were promoting Bitcoin Cash you repeatedly said Blockstream had crippled bitcoin and made it their science project. "You don't need to fix something which is not broken", these were your words. Now ABC is doing the same thing to Bitcoin Cash. They try to fix problems which are not there. Doing that they managed to divide the community and scare the people who would be willing to build on top of bitcoin cash. If you try to change the protocol every 6 months you can't expect people to come and build on top of it. That's what Craig is saying and that's why I agree with him. I am not opposed to protocol changes and I am not a blind follower who agrees with everything a person says. But in this case the changes proposed by ABC is not solving any problem BCH has right now. Yet their actions are forcing BCH to split.
In your latest video you said you believe you were fooled. I think you weren't. But don't let people fool you now. A person with a good heart and good intentions can be easily fooled and manipulated. You have a good heart and also a good brain. That's why you were the first investor of Bitcoin startups and you were called Bitcoin Jesus. That's why I am asking you to not to let the emotions to make your decisions. What I understand from your siding with ABC is that you believe you should be standing up against Craig since you are a libertarian and as a person who is always true to your principles and that's the right thing to do. I respect that. But I disagree because while staying true to your principles we may lose the chance of helping BCH to become the money for the world.
It seems like Craig is some kind of a dictator who is trying to control BCH because he is threatening and blocking everyone who is trying to introduce something new to the protocol. If you think about it, that's not really a bad thing unless there is something really needed to be fixed and there isn't something like that right now. Craig's end goal is to create peer to peer global money which is used by 5 billion people a day. Isn't that the same thing you want? The difference is Craig wants it to be Bitcoin only. That's not a problem because you also believe BCH has the best chance to become the global money. But the problem is since you sided with ABC, the services of is pushing a split by enabling DSV transactions. I read your explanation on reddit why you are pushing it and still it is not acceptable because it pushes a split and BCH can't stand a split. You could have implemented something like Moneybutton has suggested which would help avoiding a split and help users not losing funds.
When Bitcoin was grabbed by blockstream social engineering helped them keeping the name Bitcoin and the ticker BTC. People were afraid to take a stand and the big blockers had lost the chance to save bitcoin like you said in your last video. People like Jihan and yourself could have done something before it was too late. Yet you didn't and social engineering won. Miners didn't do anything and went through with it. If only miners acted instead of letting social engineering win we could have avoided blockstream to cripple bitcoin. Now the same thing is happening again and you are doing the same mistake again. The side who is social engineering to claim the BCH ticker and the name Bitcoin Cash is ABC and they've managed to manipulate market into believing they are BCH even before the hardfork and not letting miners to decide. Do you really think this is a good thing after what happened with BTC is a question mark. This really is a great risk for BCH because if the most miners are going to support SV and attack on ABC (Which is currently BCH according to the market manipulated by social engineering) we will lose value and the trust on the network and I don't think we can afford that.
I really don't care who wins a hash battle, ABC or SV. What I care is we don't split. I know most BCHers' opinion is this and I wish if that was yours too. One more thing. You said you believe "ABC side has better developers" and I instantly remembered while Tone Vays debating you said "Bitcoin Core has the best developers" and that why he was with core and you disagreed.
Finally I want you to know that I still respect your choice. I'm sure you have sided with ABC with pure intentions and I respect that. I kindly request you to keep an open mind about the system not the people and their personalities. Jihan doesn't want global money. He said "Bitcoin cash is not Bitcoin, Bitcoin is Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin Cash". Every person in the space doesn't share your vision of a "Peer to peer electronic cash system for the world". I learned a lot of things from you and I will always remember that. Keep up the good work and you will always have our support.
-Best Regards, A believer of BCH.


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ABC is proposing not using transaction ordering in the blocks, which will help BCH scale better and past current 22-24MB limit (as you can see we can't reach 32MB yet with existing code). SV doesn't propose any such optimisations, they only want to increase block size limit which won't help anything without optimisations of the code, and re-adding last original op-codes, that's it.
Lastly, what you say about ABC taking Blockstream's stance, applies to CSW/SV also.
PS: Seems still most people only care about not having their investment damaged, and don't take a stance on principles. If no one stood for any principles we wouldn't have BCH... think about that.
PPS: stop following people, focus on ideas only... meaning don't follow Roger or anyone else.
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While DSV is not needed to make BCH global cash, this does not, in any way, affect how BCH does work as Cash. DSV does make it much easier for your average developers/users/merchants/exchanges etc. use an advanced feature that takes considerable amount of extra time to code for. Remember even Satoshi Nakamoto saw us adding features to the Bitcoin protocol if it help "financial" transactions. He also saw alt coins being integrated in if they extended the advantages of cash, smart contracts/stock trading/property titles etc.
Now on to scaling CTOR, helps future scaling solutions. The rest of the scaling fixes that will be required are also, very much on the roadmap, but closing up certain ROAD blocks that prevent big block and other things from working are being removed first.
I can not give a SPECIFIC company special powers(BCH has always been a community, and it has to work for all and GROW for all) about Bitcoin - Some say we are giving the DEVS this power, but that is not true - they are only adding what they were told to add by the people/devs/merchants/exchanges/etc.
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WE don't want a split. The tech (ABC or SV) most of layperson don't comprehend fully, thus the whole debate is killing our morale, and our support of the system. :(
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Transactions have been already ordered by timestamping (topological).
Why should we have to spend time to re-order TXs when it has no proven benefits?
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Supun I would like give you your Number_Sonics. The video has no views so I guess you never seen it?
Money Button pioneers.

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