To whom it has not happened, that by the daily life in what to do of the day to day that we live overwhelm us and takes away the pleasure of perceiving, seeing, contemplating, observing the beauty that surrounds us in each corner of the spaces in which we live, we work, we study ...
I share with you esteemed community of what my photographic lens captures rescuing me from my daily hustle and I hope that you who have seen this publication have enjoyed and appreciated as much as I did when doing it.
If you think it is worth supporting me with this activity, I will appreciate the contribution you can give me to continue.
Greetings from Venezuela. I am JACKSON LÁZARO
Welcome the comments about it to improve, if there is anything to improve.

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What a beautiful way to illustrate nature, how good we have in the community a professional of photography, we see that they have good things
   1yr ago