According to recent study by National Center for Atmospheric Research of America, scientists are telling that in future we are facing more numbers of supercharged Hurricanes like hurricane Hurvey which occurs in Houston area in August 2017.
Though hurricanes occurs naturally and it is an atmospheric phenomena but researchers proved that human caused Climate change supercharged the hurricanes and making it more devastating in nature.
According to researchers temperature of gulf of mexico in 2017 was a record breaking high one week before the Hurricane Harvey tore across the Gulf of Mexico.Because of warmer ocean hurricane Harvey accumulated with a vast store of moister and beccause of this a record breaking flood destroyed the Houston and Texas area.
To prove this scientists are collecting various data like they compared temperatures in upper 160 meters of Gulf of Mexico before and after the storm and they also measure rainfall over the land by the help of NASA satellite.
Scientists were proved that the volume of rain fall in a given area is equal to the amount of water evaporated from the abnormal warmer ocean.
They also proved that the Hurrican Harvey alone can’t produced too much rainfall causing a massive Flood across the area. They concluded that as Hurrican Hurvey moved over ocean , it’s strong wind caused more and more water to evaporate from the ocean. Warmer ocean temperature in the upper ocean and at the ocean surface supply the amount of latent heat to evaporate the ocean water. hurvey get the energy grom the warmer ocean to intensify its devastting power.
As hurricanes Hurvey moves over the ocean, their strong winds at the sea surface, making it easier for sea water to evaporate. The process of evaporation also requires energy from heat, and the warmer the temperatures are in the upper ocean and at the ocean surface, the more energy is available.



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