I have my reasons for using BSV and supporting the BSV ecosystem.
Since it has taken me quite a long time and sweat equity to come to my own understanding of Bitcoin, I am not going to just give this valuable information away in a single neatly summarized blog post for the trolls.
Some people will tell you that “normal people” (i.e. not cryptographers or expert programmers) are not interested in the technical aspects of Bitcoin. For the most part this is true. However, since the main innovation of Bitcoin is in the design of economic incentives, a layperson can still learn and understand what Bitcoin is about, conceptually.
We delve into the technical details according to our own level of curiosity, interest and skill. People, devs and non-devs alike, are currently and continuously upgrading their knowledge, skills and understanding of BSV to build products and services (basically everybody who has been sucked into the black hole). It is not necessary, perhaps not even desirable, to be “qualified” as a cypherpunk to understand the big idea and value proposition of Bitcoin.


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