Many bands for which I bought concert tickets as a teenager and traveled the country to see them play, I have had the privilege of sharing the stage and backstage with my own band later. I have played hundreds of gigs over a 10-year period and made an awesome record. Poor in money, but rich in experiences. No regrets, but in the end it was enough for me. I had to stop the band. The rest of them continued with new people, new energy.
I am a BitCoiner now, different subculture but it has the same creative energy. At least, BitCoin SV has. Used our previous album to make a little MoneyButton webshop. Nothing fancy, only as try out:
Over the years I helped many other bands & musicians by letting them sleep on my couch, because they had no money for a hotel. Bands that continuously play for full halls, but once at home they had to pick up a measly job to make enough money for the next tour. Slept on many floors myself after gigs aswell. Merchandising sales at shows is gas money to make it the next gig. Touring is expensive.
Three years later they finally managed to record the music that we wrote together after the first release. Although I am no longer an performing artist, I have helped compose 90% of the music from the upcoming album. My last contribution to the band was writing music and lyrics for this song:
They will release the full album soon, and I am helping them with an additional distribution channel; All BitCoin SV has to offer. But that is only the beginning.
Spotify and other streaming services may be great for the end user. It's a shit deal for the musician. If you’re not world famous already, platforms as YouTube, Spotify will not make any real money for you, and could even cost you.
I will take on the role of label / distributor and calling it "Mean Music Distributions", It is aimed at bands that have no knowledge of BitCoin, or even crypto, and therefore do not yet know the possibilities, platforms or tools. The step to let them make their own BitCoin wallet is already a big one. It is much more difficult to ask them to delve into BitCoin, to discover what you can do with it, which platforms are available and to keep abreast of new possibilities. Development is going very fast at the moment. This is too much to ask for and to deal with for most bands/musicians.
I’ll start by helping promote this album within the BitCoin SV universe. This album is going to be a test case to see how profitable using BitCoin SV already can be for independed artists in comparison to other platforms. BitCoin SV has many platforms and tools that are extremely suitable for this purpose. If successful, I will approach all the bands I have ever played with and help them offer their music for the real BitCoin. And I have played with many many people over the years.
If you are interested in following me on this mission, or are curious about what music I will release, and which musician I onboarded to BitCoin SV, please follow me on Twitter: @MeanMusicDistr1
If you have or know of platforms or tools I could use focussed on BitCoin SV, please let me know. Thanks!


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@chaz It's like the secret handshake of the cult ;)
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