After a successful Project 01 and lots of positive feedback and support from the BitcoinSV society we decided to continue with what we started for another project. So I made a poll on twitter asking what we should do next.
We got the results and chose our next project. I found a school where there were 60 kids who we can help. Therefore I set up a goal of collecting $600 and posted it on twitter.
It took us some time to reach the goal since it was not a small amount. But eventually we got there. The generosity of the BSV society is very admirable and we were able to collect a total of 6.83 BSV. When the target is matched I decided to withdraw the funds immediately because of the volatility of the market.
Deposit to Bittrex
BSV USD Conversion
USD Withdrawal
After the funds were withdrawn the next step was to contact the school and set a date. We contacted the school and the principal told us recently they had received a donation from another group and the kids had enough supplies for the time being. So we decided to find another school. It took us some time to find another school and get the official permission for the donation.
Finally we found a school where 136 kids were studying. The principal told us that the most of the kids were abandoned by their parents and the kids were looked after by their grand parents or relatives. They were very poor but the principal and the staff are trying their best to keep them educated with the limited resources they have and they told us this would be a great help for the future of these kids.
Once we got the official permission the next step was to purchase the supplies. We contacted a bookstore and got the price list of the stuff they are selling. We managed to make a deal with the bookstore owner and lower the price of the supplies. Next I created a list of the kids and what they would be given according to the grade they were studying. According to the list and the budget, we bought books, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers and crayons for each and every kid and parceled, and you saw how it was done.

The Donation Day

The school we chose is "Hakbellawaka Primary School" in Yatiyanthota, Kegalle District. It was 160km away from where we live. We planned to leave at 5.00 a.m so we might arrive at school at 9.00 a.m. but the van that came to pick us was too small and we couldn't fit all the parcels there. Then we had to wait for a bigger van for another hour and a half and finally we left at 6.30 a.m.
When we arrived at school it was nearly 11.30 a.m. We were delayed by the traffic and we had to pick some friends on the way. When we reached the school, our first impression was, "Wow. What a beautiful place!". It was a small school but it was truly a beautiful place surrounded by nature. When we entered the school we saw the kids were waiting for us. They were so happy and excited to see us and the gifts they were going to get.
The principal and the staff warmly welcomed us. After having some chit chatting we were taken to their main hall (They didn't actually have one. It was some cleared classrooms.) and we started what we came for.
Principal doing the welcome speech.
Kids were waiting for their gifts.
Kids were taken to the stage one by one according to the grade they are studying.
Giving the parcels. Principal and the teachers also joined.
Happy faces after receiving their gifts.
Taking a peek inside ;)
Speaking to the kids about the value of education, thanking the school and the staff.
Too heavy eh? :D
It was a really great experience. Seeing the happy faces of these beautiful kids was priceless. This was all possible because of you, the BSV society. I tried to post every little detail hoping you'd also relive what we experienced.

bHuman Fund Management

The expenses were higher than the funds we collected with $bHuman. Some of my friends are doing similar charities with their team "Enlight", Since the funds were not enough, Enlight chipped in to help.

Bill of Stationery Supplies
I know you don't expect to see all the bills and stuff. All of you contributed trusting me with your good hearts. But showing you everything and trying to be transparent as much as possible helps to keep bHuman clean. :)


bHuman is an effort of helping people in need with the contributions of the Bitcoin community. BitcoinSV, the most generous community in the twitter space made this possible. So far we have made a difference, you have made a difference. This wouldn't have been possible without you. Everyone who chipped in even with few pennies are also a part of this and we all should be proud of what we have achieved. Making someone else smile is a hard thing to do, but you made a lot of people smile. We sincerely thank everyone of you for all your contributions toward this cause. Special thanks to WallStreet5 for donating more than half of the funds we collected. Forgive me for not mentioning everyone else who contributed. The list is too long and it would be bad to miss any names.
This won't be the last thing we do. We already received some funds from the good people who saw my updates on twitter. We will definitely make a good use of them and let you know. I'll also post an update when we decide what is going to be the next mission.
Finally, thank you for everyone who helped. The BSV society, my friends, our parents, the principal, the teachers, and the kids. Thank you all.
bHuman Team - 2nd mission


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