Do you have a birthday around the holiday season or know someone who does; then, this is the cartoon for you!
Always that one family member that did this! It killed me as a kid, Because I knew not only was I missing out on just one more toy I was also not going to see them on my birthday. It always seemed to be that one aunt I only saw at big family events, but I knew how did of deal she would make for everyone else's birthday.
Now, this problem is not so bad now, but mostly because the value of a birthday gets smaller and smaller as time go's one. I just know that if I have a kid at some point in the unforeseeable future and they happen to have a birthday around the holiday season, I will make sure that they not only have a party for both, but gifts for Christmas and birthday.
Now, I understand that this is not a problem for most people, and I also understand that I am lucy they I can complain about this.
In short, do not be an ass to kids and do not try and scan then out of having a birthday.
In paid content is nothing much. But if you would like to help a girl out that would be amazing!

It may or may not be a cute picture


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Paid content was worth the price by far! I may be biased.
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Haha. You made my day!
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