In this tumultuous time for Bitcoin Cash, I am reflecting on the ideas of Socrates, who believed that ultimately, "all men desire the good". In other words, no one chooses to be evil on purpose, and each person acts based on what he sees as being the right course of action at the time.
This is a very interesting idea. Of course, what one person perceives as "right" may be based on very different premises than another. And the quality of the intentions can vary widely. There is even a code of honor among thieves.
When we do not understand a person, it is easy to assume the worst. "They are trying to destroy Bitcoin!" On the other hand, I do not believe in moral relativism. Some actions, thoughts,and people are positive and some are destructive.
As a thought exercise, take your favorite BCH "villain" and see if you can't come up with a reason why THEY think they are choosing the good. It may help you to understand them and their supporters a little bit better... even if they are still "wrong".
Fortunately, with Bitcoin, we have 2 forces that can help us resolve any differences, peacefully.
The first is the free market. Anyone can run whatever code they want... mine whatever chain they want... buy, hold, and use whatever coin they want.
Secondly, we have the free market of ideas. Opinions of 1 person may not matter, but collectively, our thoughts do have impact. This is why censorship is a very bad thing. Unfortunately, propaganda and social engineering still work, but they work less effectively when people can speak their mind and more importantly, when people are educated about the issues.


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Considering we are all about 99% aligned, it is interesting how heated the arguments become.
   7mo ago