What is the easiest way to get fucked over?

Staying in the zero-sum mindset when building utility that has potential for mass adoption. Let me explain.
An idea has no value in itself, but indefinite value if realized. What stops realization? Fear of being wrong, having invested your personal assets into something that isn't working or getting robbed blind in pursuit of the solution, when people don't get the idea and only in for the milking.
Venture capitalists and others hate and reject signing Non Disclosure Agreements and rightfully so. It hinders progress and creates potential future liabilities. Venture capitalist run the lottery and with experience and nose, they improve the probability of hitting the right numbers, but mostly a lottery.
Sharing an idea is like having a stranger babysitting your kid. Any sane person would be reluctant and have all their spider-senses on full alert, before handing over their kid. That in itself creates a mismatch in trust in the relationship. A bad starting point.
//More on this in later posts//

Bitcoin Association

I propose a setup as follows:
Membership in BA should start out very basic. Free for all and access to the accumulated knowledge, patents and whatever is available.
If however you want to reap the greater benefits of the ecosystem, give and receive, you can initiate a journey towards partnership. The application process consists of 3.1 parts. 1. Send 1 BSV to a wallet controlled by BA. With that amount secured the process can begin. 2. You will get a link to a Legallychained contract between you and the ecosystem of BA, based on the UN Declaration of human rights (500 languages). * 3. You will get a link to a personality test based on the Big Five test. ** 3.1 Import your LinkedIn skills and get them checked against testresults for optimal output
Bitcoin Junior Associate - entry fee 50 000 satoshis equals a 0.000001 % (just a number to play with) stake in overall ecosystem handled by BA Bitcoin Associate - entry fee 150 000 satoshis equals a 0.000005 % (just a number to play with) stake in overall ecosystem handled by BA Bitcoin Senior Associate - entry fee 500 000 satoshis equals a 0.000010 % (just a number to play with) stake in overall ecosystem handled by BA And so on. I have several levels, going up to Bitcoin Senior Partner and forward.
*The most comprehensive all-including statement for absolute freedom **I believe personality has a higher level of predictability of success and happiness over general intelligence and general ability.
I have much more on this, but will limit it to this for now.
Part of my thefast.company ecosystem consists of building a marketplace of development. People get to work with open-minded and core value driven collaborators, where many of the traditional fear elements will be reduced or non-existent.
I am not totally sure how to set it up, but I want to share the work and the reward with people and companies that share my vision. For me the satisfaction of people pulling together and share the fruits is so much higher than having a bankaccount stacked. More money more problems, more fellow shareholders more who can share the ups and downs. For this I would donate 95% of my "business" to the Bitcoin Association, if there would be a willingness to create the structure proposed or collaborate on something better.
In the paid segment I have put in an idea sprung out of a contrarian view on _unwriters work. It saddens me to see that fellow BSVers are attacking him, since his motives seems to be of goodwill. I had a similar experience. Had he not put the light on areas that might be a problem, I would never have gotten that idea. Show me a challenge and I will try to solve it. As it should be. I have put the price at $100 for 1 BSV, because that's the price I would like to see at years end, so we can get as many more people onboard before the crash.


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What a shitty post! Had no idea BA was a company and not a NGO or whatever its called. Note to self: do better research before blurting out stuff. Parts of it still holds true thou, just ignore the BA stuff.
   1yr ago