There are less and less of technical analysts posting about Bitcoin Cash these days. Twitter has dried up, even I moved some of my trading position (NOT core position) of BCH into lucrative alts like Zclassic, DigiByte. I finally hedged with a little bit of Bitcoin as well.
The whole market is going ga-ga over making money. Anyone touching anything is making money. My new investor friends who made fun of me when I entered crypto, fell in love with Ripple!
This is how Bitcoin Cash deceives the folks who jump on and off this train!
Looks familiar? This is very similar to a chart we posted 4 weeks back here in
We let our imagination go beyond 2k and 3k last time. Can you think beyond $4000 now?
Review previous content
I would advice to you review the free content in the previous posts for these concepts which are still relevant now and also for any other Crypto investments.
  1. Future Outlook (Part 1)
  2. Strategy (Part 2)
  3. "Risks" (Part 3)

Quick Fact
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple have crossed $100 Billion, why not Bitcoin Cash.
Brief Technical Analysis
Our chart is appears to be done with the correction (see behind paywall) and a nice triangle of consolidation is forming with a likely possibility of breaking upwards violently. We also consolidated for more than 2 weeks now.
Behind the paywall
I will include the following charts and analysis behind the paywall. I'm very grateful for your contributions and they fuel my spirit to write more and provide value. However, do let me know if the paid content does not add value or helped your learning and I will be happy to refund (Tweet @imkeshav)
  1. I will add more details and visual cues to the above widget chart to make it easy
  2. I will add different chart patterns using channels
  3. I will also include BCHBTC chart to give you a perspective
Disclaimer: Please do your due diligence before investing in cryptos. Trading is much more complicated than investing and my observations are more tailored for the latter with a mid to long term view. In the market you are right until you are wrong. Have a good strategy in place and protect your CAPITAL always.



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