Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV go head to head, but who will win?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is set to hard fork on Nov 15, 2018.
Differences in opinion between the Bitcoin Cash development teams will see the altcoin split off into two competing chains in a move set to rock the BCH community.
The cryptocurrency that first divided the Bitcoin fanbase in August 2017 is now set to undergo its own schism. Due to a clash of consensus between Amaury Séchet’s Bitcoin ABC and Craig Wright’s nChain, Bitcoin Cash will undergo a hard fork on Nov 15 to see it split into Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV as the two battle for supremacy.
According to Wright, Bitcoin ABC does not correspond with Satoshi’s vision and adds “unnecessary changes” that will ultimately harm the industry, with nChain stating that Bitcoin SV is designed as a “clear BCH implementation choice for miners who support Bitcoin’s original vision, over implementations that seek to make unnecessary changes to the original Bitcoin protocol.”
Here is everything there is to know about the upcoming hardfork for Bitcoin Cash, explained.



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