Every Friday I will be writing an update on the Bitcoin Cash Fund to keep everyone up-to-date on what has been going on. This will include Active Projects, Complete Projects, Bitcoin Cash Meetups, Skills Sought, and BCF Organisation updates.

If you don't know what the BCF (Bitcoin Cash Fund) is, go check out our website at thebitcoincash.fund or come and talk to us in our community chat at chat.thebitcoincash.fund.


The goal of the SeatacBCH project is to prepare, deploy, and build a ground-based grassroots movement in the Seatac area of the U.S.A. to promote the acceptance of Bitcoin Cash at local businesses.

Cash is King, will be an open invitational in Detroit. Over 50 businesses in the city will be invited to a 2 hour seminar on Bitcoin Cash. This will include what Bitcoin Cash is, why businesses should accept it, and where to get support. There will be a question and answer session following the presentation. The analytics will be shared with the Bitcoin Cash Fund community, to help efficiency and promote better events.

George and his son, Andy are at the barbershop, when George suddenly remembers he left his wallet at home. Luckily, Andy has some Bitcoin Cash and sends his dad some. George then tips his barber, and pays for both their haircuts. There will also be humorous elements within the script. 2 different edits - One 30 second, and a 1:30 edit.

The project is to find people all around the world willing to be node and purchase a stock of 500 stickers to be given out to people in a game. The idea of this game is for participants to post photo’s of their stickers in unusual or heavily trafficked areas. Participants will be encouraged to get creative with designs that represent their culture and communicate their expression of what BCH is for them. Success of the game can be measured by number of likes, RT’s, comments and requests to participate.

A series of 10 tutorials covering tools in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. Each will come as text and video. People who enjoy going at their own pace can read the written form and people who want to kick back can watch the video. Tutorials will be published on Yours.org and have a YouTube video embedded.

What Is Bitcoin Cash
This is an internal BCF project to produce a video similar to the What is Bitcoin? video, but remade for Bitcoin Cash. The voiceover for the video is the amazing Kevan Brighting who did the voiceover for the award-winning game Stanley Parable. The video will be roughly 1:30 minutes long and should be completed within 2-3 weeks.

Business Onboarding Info Pack
A project to put together an info pack to get businesses started with Bitcoin Cash. The current plan is to include a pamphlet, some Bitcoin Cash Accepted Here" stickers and a paper wallet with a small amount of Bitcoin Cash to play with. These packs will then be provided at meetups, events and anyone who needs them for onboarding businesses.

Bitcoin Cash Sound Branding
Internal BCF project to produce a branded sound for Bitcoin Cash payments. This sound would be used industry wide in apps when a bitcoin cash payment is sent or received. This sound would also be used in promotional video material to reinforce the brand. This sound would have a similar psychological effect as the Macbook powering-on sound.


Visualize the difference in speed and scalability by comparing Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core's transactions using our highway themed blockchain visualizer. Unlock a bonus sprite with each donation back to the Bitcoin Cash Fund and monitor your address.
This project executed with massive success!


The BCF will be sponsoring all these meetups and providing support to the organisers. If you live in a major city and would like to start hosting Bitcoin Cash meetups, get in contact with us!


The changes we made last week to the organisational structure have been paying off well, and projects are moving along more smoothly now. The number of projects being worked on is increasing and we are finding out where our resources are best spent.
Work on the next stage of our website continues. The first new feature to be added will be multi-language support. Many translators have very generously donated their time to translate the site. We are just setting up the UI to allow users to switch.
We are currently working on ordering a stock of Bitcoin Cash merchandise to be sold in our (yet to be created) store, and to be given out for free at the meetups we sponsor. This will include t-shirts, stickers, hats, coffee mugs (we couldn't help ourselves) We will have more updates on this in the future.
We have been doing some polls to find out the community's feeling on which colour the Bitcoin Cash logo should be i.e. either green or orange.
We at the BCF feel that it is best if the community and industry come together and implement a unified colour scheme for the Bitcoin Cash Branding. We support the green branding of Bitcoin Cash due to the strategic marketing reasons and the fact that there is clear majority support within the community. The fact that the biggest company in the cryptocurrency space, Coinbase, also chose the green colour, solidified this decision. From now on all our marketing materials will use the green colour.
Right now is the best time for the industry to unify the marketing, i.e. while we are still small and young. We have produced some logos that we feel fits what Bitcoin Cash is.
You can find these HERE. Feel free to use them. You can see them below
I should be clear that there is nothing official about any logo or colour. Everyone is free to use whatever colour or logo they want. There is no such thing as 'official' in cryptocurrencies, including in Bitcoin Cash. We just feel that it is better if the industry and community coalesces around something to reduce brand confusion.


  • Project Managers,
  • Web devs,
  • Graphic Design,
  • Marketing,
  • Sales,
  • Writing,
  • Business Onboarding,
  • Social media,
  • Translation,
  • Videography,
  • Audio,
  • Music,
  • Motion Graphics,
We need people with skills like this to volunteer some of their time for projects to bring awareness and adoption of Bitcoin Cash. If this is you get in contact with me, or come and talk to us at chat.thebitcoincash.fund. We can also budget some amount of funds for work, but priority will be given to people willing to do at least partially volunteer their time.
If you don't have any of these skills, that doesn't mean we don't need your help. There are lots of other things that projects need help with (i.e. sending out stickers, handing out leaflets, writing education content etc.).
If anyone has any questions feel free to post them below and I will try to answer any that you have.
Paul W.
The Bitcoin Cash Fund.


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