Abstract: Bitcoin (Cash) has been since his birth in 2009 a successful peer to peer cash system, however, its very nature prevents many people from using it. Bitcoin is not a friendly and easy way to do things people do on a regular basis: send and receive money. In this paper we propose a simple way to make transactions the easiest possible way.
1. Introduction
Even for the most experienced user it is easy to make mistakes when broadcasting a Bitcoin Cash transaction. It happened in the following months of the fork (august 1st 2017), when sending tokens to the Bitcoin chain (or vice versa) was very common, and although the issue of ambiguous addresses was solved by Bitcoin Cash developers, the resulting experience prevents many laymen from using the cryptocurrency.
Other flaws related to the use of cryptographic hashes in payment processes are not infrequent, for instance, if you want to pay to a person with a broken mobile screen, it hinders the ability to scan the QR code, leaving you with fewer options to broadcast the transaction.
If you want instead to copy and paste the receiving address, malicious code has been developed by hackers to replace one address by the hacker’s one when pasting the hash, if you are not aware of the change, it results in lost funds.
All of this can be solved by giving all bitcoin cash users the ability to direct the payment to another user’s nickname or mobile number, just like sending a message to a Telegram or Whatsapp user.