Update on Sell strategy: Instead of selling all BCH now at a super price, sell 50% or 70% (In my case 30% only). Leave some BCH always for long term (months) because you don't want to miss on $5000 or 10k price in 6 months to a year or more. I believe this coin has strong fundamentals.
Looks like we have a breakthrough at $1530 amid a strong bullish trend all the way to $2000.
I will cover all these aspects in a series of articles with TA in each of them.
  1. Future Outlook (Part 1)
  2. Strategy
  3. "Risks"
  4. Utility
  5. Facts
  6. Fundamentals (News)
  7. Charts (Behind Paywall)
  8. Emotion

This card will change everything, can't wait to get one
Something important has been bothering me for several days, A question!
1. Mind over Crypto
A question that I had a month ago and is now back again requiring all my energy to answer it correctly. Last time, I answered it half-heartedly (in hindsight). I keep looking for answers from others around me and they are now annoyed. But I will ask it here anyway.
Why are we (and me) not investing more FIAT (money) in Bitcoin Cash?
Just over 6 weeks back, I was buying BCH at $350 and $400+ and sold some at $500 and sold some at $600 and bought again. When the price was $699, I put a buy order for 1 BCH at $696 and went for a 15 min walk, when I came back it was $740 and I decided not to buy. Boy, did I miss the bigger picture!
When we used to ask questions about when to buy back in, RiversAndMountains used to say "Any 3 digit buy in BCH is fine because you may not see it again in those numbers".
This is how I try to give a perspective for a buy price of BCH
  • Initially, we were worried about a few dollars. "can we buy at 410 when price is 416"
  • Then we worried about 10-20 dollar difference, "can we buy at 600 when price is 630"
  • Then we worried about 50 dollar difference, "can we buy at 850 or 900"
  • Then we worried about 100 dollar difference, "can we buy at 1300 or 1400"
  • Soon we may worry about 500/1000 dollar difference, "can we buy in 2k, 2.5k or 3k"

I leave you to answer these 3 important questions.
  1. What if you can go back in time to May 2nd 2017, how much bitcoin (it was $1500) will you buy?
  2. If Bitcoin cash is the major contender for bitcoin, won't its price reach (eventually) the same ATHs (All time high) of Bitcoin which is 2k, 3k, 4k, 5k, 10k, 15k ?
  3. If Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and others went up by 40x, where will BCH reach? (it is now 8x)

Well, you can't go back in time to catch Bitcoin. You are here with Bitcoin Cash, a major fork of Bitcoin and 3rd in Market cap. What is stopping you from buying more?
We will try to answer this question in the next article by using different strategies. Now let me try to prove the current bullish trend through charts. The next set of articles will have updates to these charts.
Oh BTW, some of these charts are the same ones in my previous article and still aligning beautifully with the price action adding credence to our TA analysis.
Behind the paywall
I will include the following charts and analysis behind the paywall. I'm very grateful for your contributions and they fuel my spirit to write more and provide value. However, do let me know if the paid content does not add value or helped your learning and I will be happy to refund (Tweet @imkeshav)
  1. I will add more details and visual cues to the above widget chart to make it easy
  2. I will add 2 different chart patterns using channels
  3. I will also include BCHBTC chart to give you a perspective

Disclaimer: Please do your due diligence before investing in cryptos. Trading is much more complicated than investing and my observations are more tailored for the latter with a mid to long term view. In the market you are right until you are wrong. Have a good strategy in place and protect your CAPITAL always.


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Great Stuff mate. I'm happy to see you are finally able to realize your dreams of earning money writing as well.
I'm a copywriter so I totally understand how that feels :-)
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Thanks for the comment. It was looked impractical and very difficult to get into professional writing, there are so many good writers out there. So I had to make do with blogs. But yours is changing all that, amateurs have a platform and so do the experts!
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Loved reading your analysis. Elliot Wave theory is one of the oldest and most trusted trend predictor. Nevertheless, for any indicator to work, the underlying needs to have strong fundamentals. In crypto, distribution or holding pattern is of tremendous importance. For BCH, I see that this specific parameter is just perfect. The concentration of top wealth, is not specific to few set of people as in other coins like LTC or BTC.
Keep up with the good work!
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Thanks man! Appreciate your time and feedback. Hopefully we can make some money in this trade. BTW India BCH price is $1967!

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Disclaimer: I don't know much at all about technical analysis. After reading behind the paywall, I kindly suggest adding some more analysis about why certain indicators matter, otherwise these indicators just feel like they're coming out of nowhere. For example, you draw two green lines at a sharp angle upwards indicating the price movement is anticipated to be steep, but there's no explanation / rationale around this view. I don't see how you can draw green lines indicating the angle of the future price action (assuming that's what you are trying to do). Why does a wedge where prices are consolidating downwards indicate a movement upwards?
I'm bullish on BCH for other reasons, and would appreciate understanding actually why this technical analysis is or may be correct. Cheers.
   1yr ago