I created this 'Super Brochure' as a way to introduce some of the local businesses in my community to Bitcoin Cash. It highlights the benefits of accepting Bitcoin Cash and a sample of the development happening in our community.
They were designed to work perfectly on Vistaprint's 8.5x11 BiFold brochure but these can be printed out on any home printer. I personally just ordered my first 100 brochures for under $50 with a first time promotion.
Would you like to see more local businesses where you live accept Bitcoin Cash? Then accept my challenge to print these out and visit at least 3 businesses before the November Upgrade.
Don't have the time? Use the link on the backside of the brochure to donate towards distribution on your behalf.


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Hi, Is there any chance you can email me the photoshop file so I can customise it for Far North Queensland please?
   2yr ago