Be the Keyboard Warrior
You have heard, multiple times, the only way to get Bitcoin Cash to succeed is through adoption. You really want to do something to help, but are terrified of the prospect of going out in the real world? You are not alone. Bitcoin is filled with a bunch of antisocial geeks who feel more comfortable in front of a keyboard instead of eye to eye with a ‘HUE–MAN’. This does not mean you still can’t be part of the Bitcoin Cash army and tell others of the great things in store if they choose BCH.
Why You are Needed.
If you haven’t noticed, there is a massive Anti-Bitcoin Cash campaign being waged by Bitcoin core supporters. Bitcoin Cash supporters are heavily outnumbered there is still 80% of the Cryptocurrency community, including altcoin holders, that feel that BTC is the best/king cryptocurrency. This is just not true anymore, but the old adage of, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” holds true when trying to convince a person, that what they believe, is no longer a reality.
What’s the Point? They Won’t Listen.
It may seem futile at times, because you will be faced with a ton of opposition, but you are not speaking to the vocal masses that are responding to you but the quiet lurkers that are seeing your words and rebuttals. How you present yourself and the knowledge you portray is very important. Sometimes you will walk away and feel beaten up, by the bully, but the words you spoke were true and revealing, and will often make the lurkers scratch their heads and question what they are being told.
How Do I Overcome Brainwashing?
This may seem like your toughest obstacle, Reddit forums like R/bitcoin, websites like and, and YouTube channels, like The World Crypto Network, are working hard to convince people if they just wait Bitcoin will be king, again. That is the beauty, and the curse, of brainwashing, unless they continually hear confirmation that this story is true then the programming begins to fail. As an example: The United States biggest commodity is the citizen participating in consumerism. Whether you like or not, you have been programmed to buy and consume products that keep the USA one of the biggest economic powerhouses on the world. You don’t buy these products because you NEED them you buy them because you were made to WANT them. If you want to learn more about how you have been programmed to consume. I highly recommend the Documentary “The Century of the Self,” a four part series that covers the psychological aspects used when convincing people of what they NEED or MUST HAVE, to be part of society. Once you understand how brainwashing/public relations/propaganda works fighting it is as easy, all you have to do is expose the truth. For example, If you know the Lightning Network is going to require “channel factories” to function and you are hit with a “BCASH is a centralized by Jihan, and bad miners therefore Bitcoin is the only Bitcoin,” you simply counter with, “Channel Factories are centralized hubs, and will have to be maintained with large amounts of BTC staked on them, since the average user does not have large amounts of BTC to stake to their node they will have to pass through larger nodes run by bigger companies, banks or even government institutions, and with little competition they will be able to charge larger fees for passing through their nodes.” While that statement might not convince the highly brainwashed person you are debating with, the lurker or even a NOOB, may see your words and stick them in their subconscious. So the next time they hear “channel factories” they think centralized hubs, eventually over time their social conditioning will be broken down and they will either be forced to SEE the truth or they will be encouraged to find their own answers instead of listening to others.
I Don’t Know Everything and Don’t Have the Time to Learn
As a “Keyboard Warrior” it will be very important that you keep learning, but even if you don’t have much time you can do small things to increase your knowledge. If you are busy chatting on Twitter you have time to be listening to YouTube videos in the background. You still can skim both r/bitcoin and r/btc once a day to see the current talking points that are being pushed by the core supporters, once you know what the proverbial “flavor of the week” is It is very easy to hyper focus your learning efforts on just the information you are going to need for quick rebuttals. This is also the internet, and it takes you seconds to verify information with google and r/btc. If you ever get stuck use the search feature on r/btc and skim the articles to find the answers you need.
Bitcoin Cash can sell itself. It is that good. Encourage people to look it up and verify what you are saying. Don’t tell them what they must know but guide them down the path to discovery. You might suggest search phrases some of my favorites are “r bitcoin censorship,” “gavin Andresen fired,” and “mike hearn quits bitcoin.” Sometimes the best way to teach others is to show them how to teach themselves. You will never find a core supporter suggesting that people “look it up.” They have a narrative to force on the people, Google would mess that up.
People hate me, I’m just called a shill.
In order to be the best “Keyboard Warrior,” there will be emotional blocks you will have to overcome. Whether you like to admit it, or not, words hurt. You will be beaten down and you will feel bullied. You will be called a shill, over and over, once you are able to get past the name calling and even respond to it with courage and tact. You will always succeed in getting your message across. One of my favorite lines when dealing with the Shill comment is “fine, you don’t like Bitcoin Cash then choose any of the other altcoins that currently work better than Bitcoin, but please recognize BTC is not the king it used to be and I don’t want to see you hurt.” If you respond with a very professional and pleasant attitude those watching will notice that you are being the “better person” and creating the environment of a “pleasant” crypto experience while the BTC supporter is looking like the childish “name caller.” In the end, you are going to have to take the pain, to help others. There are ways to minimize this pain, take breaks from these activities, in fact, distance yourself from cryptocurrency whenever you are feeling upset or overwhelmed. You are not at your best at these times and will actually do damage to your cause. I’m very guilty of this, and it took me quite a few tries to learn this lesson. Being a martyr, for Bitcoin Cash, doesn’t need to end in complete psychological shutdown, take care of yourself, first.
Where Do I Go to be Keyboard Warrior?
There are many places in the “crypto space,” that are lacking the Bitcoin Cash voices. There are hundreds of YouTube videos and even live streams that need to have rebuttals. Any video from the World Crypto Network is a good place to start, mainly, because they bash Bitcoin Cash on almost every episode. Also the chats on your favorite Cryptocurrency YouTubers will often spin off, if Bitcoin Cash is even mentioned, into a “BCASH Sucks,” Again, your comments might not change the mind of that individual, but if there is NO, “I disagree, Bitcoin Cash is great and this is why,” responses, then a noob or that “on the fence” person will assume “BCASH sucks.” You, as a Keyboard Warrior, are the last line of defense.
If you have not been banned from r/bitcoin responding in the comments(don’t create threads) is a good way to prevent getting banned but still having an honest conversation. Remember to stay professional and when you finally do get banned be sure and travel to R/btc and tell us all why?
There are other Reddit forums to cover too. Did you know that core supporters created the r/bcash forum just to beat up on us? What if we take away that power, by being there, by giving alternative suggestions, by just being a voice? R/cryptocurrency r/bitcoincash etc. If you are a Reddit person you will find your niche forums.
Twitter, by far this is the one that is seen the most, and by far my choice for getting the message across. Using well placed hashtags like #bitcoin, #btc, $btc, #bitcoincash, #bch, $bch will get you post noticed and directed towards the audience you are trying to target, but this is not where Twitter ends. The Keyboard warrior has the most “power” inside very popular Cryptocurrency players accounts. Follow & turn on notifications for major Bitcoin Cash “personalities,” like @rogerkver,@jihanwu,@ProfFaustus,@VinnyLingham,@falkvinge,@ryanxcharles and @DollarVigilante and find new and smaller Bitcoin Cash Advocates(don’t forget to turn on notifications). I’m proud to be following MANY. Here are just a few, who have supported and built up my knowledge, created a great community and IF we met IRL(In real life) I would call friends: @mindstatex,@justicemate, @sashandiggers,@Egon_01,@PWasensteiner,@OnWindowly,@bsmith12251960, @StackmyBCHup,@a3456gf, and @thecryptokidd. There are many more to follow I just got tired of copying and pasting ;-)
If you are not following and responding to the trolls inside popular Bitcoin Cash’s representatives’ posts then, the trolls are winning. The poster of the original message needs you to rebut these messages. We could spend our entire day defending one post or lean on others to help us. Don’t get caught up on the, “BCASH BCASH BCASH,” skip those, they are too “SIMPLE” to require a response, and instead focus on those comments that are using the major talking points that the core supporters always use, and counter those with facts. Take your time and don’t focus on one troll try, and move through multiple trolls counter their arguments and move on. Don’t get bogged down I spent an entire day responding to comments on a Roger Ver post, and in the end, all I ended up with was a headache and I missed an entire day trying to hyper focus on convincing these specific trolls instead of realizing I had already convinced, or at least, planted the seed on the people who could easily be swayed.
Also don’t forget to Follow and respond to big players on the BTC side too. In fact, this is actually MORE important, than sticking to your own “echo chamber.” The newly brainwashed are not visiting Roger’s twitter but are visiting very popular core supporters. You know, who they are, I’m not going to give them the benefit of being linked in this article. It is very important you are respectful in your comments, but rebut their false statements and make sure their followers are wise to the real facts. Be sure and come with well thought out arguments and take the time to look up the answers you need. Always be truthful and don’t fell afraid to just walk away. Nobody EXPECTS answers on Twitter. In fact, if you just walked away most will think “Your life” got in the way of Twitter, but walking away can also be an escape if you find yourself getting in over your head.
Why Bother Bitcoin Cash is Going to Lose Anyways
It is often difficult to be in a minority, but you will stay in the minority if you hide from the fight, before you, and pretend it does not exist. You KNOW Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin, but making money is just easy if I invest and hodl BTC, plus it is less of a headache, if I just join the majority, right?
LIFE ISN’T EASY BCHes we have to stand up and be the voice, we have to stand up and fight, every new voice that gets added to the chorus makes the music just a bit better. WE NEED YOU and WANT you to be a part of the real Bitcoin, the currency that can change the lives of nearly 8 Billion people. We can’t lose with Bitcoin because Satoshi had a vision that has already changed the world for the better and you get to be part of the early adopters bringing it to the people. 2018 the mainstream is, most likely, going to come rushing in like they did in 2017, we have to be ready. WE NEED YOU. You are the reason the world will be changed for the better, so be the change and stand up and be heard.


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I have been a keyboard warrior since the inception 😉
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Hell yeah!
Just upvoted ya friend, good write up!
I am fighting the good fight over on steemit under my name truthforce, against msm propaganda/bitcoin propaganda every now and then.

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I'm super relieved to hear that there are others out there. We are a very strong voice and persistence over time. Consistent communication will win. Every communication matters. Super grateful for BCH.
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I have a platform that I've been working on to help alleviate this very problem. The good news is that crypto in general is still tiny. Most real people are not going to learn how cryptocurrency works, let alone the tribal wars; Just like how most people do not care to understand the fiscal policy of the US Dollar. They don't need to know that stuff to use it.
Most people do not care about that stuff, they just want to use the better/easier product. And that's why BCH will win. UI/UX is severely lacking in the crypto space and we'll win through competing on merit and delivering a superior product.
We're in the process of migrating onto AWS infrastructure, but will make an announcement shortly after everything goes smoothly :)

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