January 18th, 2019
I am becoming like a Craig Steven Wright researcher these days. I've listened to all of his interviews and presentations available in YouTube. I've watched some of them more than 20 times.(haha, I admit I am a slow learner) I have transcripted one of the parts I liked. I hope it inspires you to be an elite Bitcoiner. (From Jan 16th, 2018 by The Crytpo Show)
"There is no such thing in this world is pure equality. No one gets to be a basketballer. I don't decide that I want to play in NBA and get there. I don't get to say I want to be 8 foot 2 black guy. I don't get to say I want to be a figure skater unless I am Tonya Harding (hahaha. laugh).
I mean that's the world. I mean you work with what you've got. And you make the best of what you've got. If you are smarter, then you concentrate on what you are good at. And if you are better at math, you become a mathematician. If you are better at English, you become a writer or dot dot dot.
But the reality is there is no equality. There are people making the best in their own lives. And when we started getting away from the idea of we can ever have equality and it is a good goal to aim for, the only way is to get equality is being equally poor and equally depraved. That's the only way we can ever achieve."
"When Adam Smith wrote about "capitalism", he also wrote about "virtue". Everyone forgets that and everyone talks about I am bulky right and in fact he wrote more about "virtue".
If we want a society that works and if we want "capitalism" to work, what we need to start remembering is what's we put back into the system. Not what we can beg, grovel or try and take from the government, not what we can expect. We have to build it ourselves. And the thing everyone loves to forget is that the people who made it, people who are the wealthiest, people at the top owe the most.
We are the ones who have everything in society. We have the most to lose. We are the ones who have to make sure that we do something, not only some idea of altruism for our own interest, for our own world. If we want a world we can actually live in, we need to remember we are in it in everyone else.
We need to make those other people want us to be where we are. And that comes down to "virtue". We have to be better than everyone else. That's what we owe the world. We've been gifted with a lot and we owe a lot. "
Full Interview is here. (Published on Jan 16th, 2018 by The Crytpo Show)
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Lots of great info in CSW's podcast interviews. I too have rewatched many of them and taken notes! In fact I plan to rewatch some of them again, take more notes, and write some articles and make some videos based on that information.
   4mo ago
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The first quote is what "live by your own means" means... some people like to and do have quite a bit more then what their means are because they know how to lie and manipulate people or use the system that is created by others to do this very same thing, and act as leeches onto others, so CSW still didn't quite get the whole meaning of the principle of PoW and how it relates to actual Communism (not Socialism, not state control but actually worker owned economy so that people who do no work can't act as parasites) but maybe one day he'll get it (or he's just pretending he doesn't get it, I think that is possible also)... anyway... Bitcoin system is the true evolution that this world needs more than anything, and CSW being the one on the forefront to make it happen, I'm all for it... I actually have lot of in-common with him, believe it or not, but our understanding is different, but that is greatly because of different environment we were born and grew up in, as we don't get to chose where we are born and who are parents are, or what type of society we live in.
   4mo ago
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