I had an idea for a while to create a simple lottery for BitcoinSV users, and I have written a method of doing it (Simple explanation document only, not the code).
I’m not a coder, so I’m giving away the idea+method so someone else can build it. I’ve sent this to two individuals early but they didn’t respond. Therefore I decided to make it public so anyone who is interested can build it.
It’ll be a very simple program and you will be able to code it very easily imo. With money button you can make the lottery purchases easier. I’ve already uploaded the file to Bitcoin SV blockchain and you can see it here.
Download the document:
If you do it right, this may become the next SatoshiDice, who knows. Lol
I don’t want any credit or any money for this. If anyone can build this including their own ideas and improvements, that is what I want to see. I will definitely play, I believe other SV supporters will too.
Ok but tips are accepted lol
Handcash- $BitcoinSV
Money button- 1954


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