Gen, TheJeepney, (aka the GenesisJeepney) has attracted quite a bit of attention lately through her twitter stream, as a result many people have expressed regret that they didn't respond early enough to grab themselves a chair.... so.... the jeepney crew (well in all honesty it was another one of MrG's crazy ideas) agreed on a way for people to jump on board, and still be at the helm of this project.
We are offering 50 people space to get messages engraved into a custom built dashboard. Think style, short, sharp quirky communications for people travelling on the jeepney to read and connect with others wanting to participate in a peer to peer electronic cash system. Similar to memo, these messages will be kept as a reminder for the beginnings of this revolution spreading around the world... who knows there may be a day when the dash is auctioned off for nostalgic purposes.
Imagine that :)
If your message is an icon, avatar, or any other quirky illustration and you think you'd like a little more space to get your message across, we're open to negotiation for that too. Show us what you've got so we can work out how to make it fit.
This is what we're planning, having a panel right next to Gen's control panels something like this;
The people riding jeepney's in Manila are very new to bitcoincash, and we think this will be a beautiful way to connect them with the intention of BCH, and welcome newbies into the spirit of what bitcoincash is all about.
If you'd like to have your name etched into a piece of history, click and follow the instructions behind the paywall.
Let DASH know CASH comes first.


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Maybe some of the hi-rollers here will take you up on your offer!
I was initially a bit confused because I thought the DASH in your title was referring to the alt-coin and not the dashboard.
p.s. Your "buy" button price is affordable for some Yours-ers, but would be a scary one to push accidentally. (I have accidentally pushed a tip or vote button a few extra times before.) ;)
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Thanks for commenting @SatoshiDoodles
It is a bit of a play on words, for those in the *NO*
And YES, people will have to focus to participate.. and we're the kind of people we'd sort out any accidental accidents if that were to happen. However if we find out those accidents are just for sneaky views expect negotiations to begin :)
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Gen's doing cartwheels... VinArmani is going smack bang centre in the middle of the dash... plan is to surround him in #bitcoincash love so he forgets about that other wannabe electronic cash.
Who's next?
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Thanks @technsave for being the first to look behind the yours wall... we've got your message ready to be engraved :))

   2yr ago
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We love your message, like a timestamp in the dash... what you've left is timeless. Thanks @DrewPflaum for playing Gen wave's her wheels very happy her control panel has been 'drewn' on :)
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