Due to problems and lack of permissions by the organic law of protection of the child of Venezuela better known as (LOPNA) we had problems and delays when trying to enter the children's hospital of Caracas José Manuel de los Ríos, this situation complicated our intention of help the children of the hospital, entities of the government of Venezuela qualified us as "invaders of the empire".
However, some doctors from the hospital offered to support us in a silent way so that the authorities of the Venezuelan government would not find out, due to this we could not photograph much of our work but even so, we comply with helping the little ones who are in the hospital.
Although this does not sound good because according to the government we are committing a "crime" but for us the benefit of children is more important than the words of a government that does not help the children of Venezuelan hospitals, you think it really is a crime what we do? Is it wrong to help sick children in a hospital that do not have medicine and food? please tell me what do you think about this.
The photographs below were taken by one of the doctors at the hospital, the name is kept anonymous for safety.
These are some of the medicines that we donate to the hospital:
Some parents saw our effort to want to help the little ones in the hospital and as a sign of gratitude they sent us these pictures:
We really want to say thanks to all those people who are part of the BCH world and with their contribution they help to change and save lives of many people.
We want to thank the people who are part of #AlimentandoConAmor for their incredible work, day by day they fill hopes for thousands of people who are very affected by the current economic and social crisis in the country.
You can make the change:
If you wish to donate to the bitcoincashvenezuela initiative, send BCH to this address:
Thank you very much from the bitcoincashvenezuela team


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Good job!!! now because the government of that country does not allow this kind of help? Is it a real crime? Is he punished with imprisonment?
   1yr ago
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This is insane.
Great work.
   1yr ago