In one of our publications, we requested a crowdfunding in order to help a children's hospital, however there were many comments of criticism and hatred, that is why we make this post expressing our vision on this type of projects to benefit the most needy, the situation de venezuela is known to all, this is to emphasize the shortages, the lack of medicines and this kind of things that we all already know about Venezuela.
We recently published what happened with this request for crowdfunding, we explained the situation we faced because of the government authorities who called us "invaders of the empire" and were threatened with imprisonment.
Our principal objective:
When you live in Venezuela and walk through the streets of the country you only hear people who are dying in hospitals for lack of medicines and supplies, people who are not eating and get sick because of this, malnutrition in children, insecurity and many things that affect the Venezuelan.
Even my family goes through this situation of not eating and getting sick, every day more people die because of this that is not a secret this is something that we all already know.
Many times when crowdfunding platforms people publish their projects as videogames, an application, an invention etc ... and that's great! we all love video games and applications, but because these projects even raise more than 100,000 dollars and when it comes to helping other people who are in a serious situation there are comments of hatred and criticism, (with this I do not want to offend nobody is just a small reflection) is great to help people to fulfill their dreams and projects of games, applications, inventions of benefits for humanity etc ... but I think that we also have to give opportunity to this type of projects that try help others.
When you walk through these Venezuelan streets today you only see faces of sadness and disappointment, people who think that they are going to have dinner because their refrigerators are totally empty and a wallet without money.
Many have left the country and others can not have that luxury due to the high cost of the dollar in Venezuela and the low salary that today 12/06/2018 is approximately $ 1.05.
Again I do not want to offend anyone is just a reflection of a Venezuelan wanting to help others, projects like this and eatBCH should be supported, every person who can contribute a grain of sand as we say in Venezuela can change someone's life .
Our ambitious goal is to raise as much money as possible and travel each corner of the country to contribute our bit and try to help the millions of Venezuelans who still remain in the country suffering from the worst crisis in history.
How incredible what we can achieve thanks to the existence of cryptocurrencies especially BCH.
What do we do with the money raised?
Many people ask how to use BCH in Venezuela and how it benefits, in Venezuela you should exchange the BCH to our local fiat currency, many people think that this is wrong, but in Venezuela things are different from other countries, the owners of the stores They are afraid of getting involved in cryptocurrencies, either because of fear of the government or fear of having a significant loss and it is also a risk to go from store to store asking if they accept payments in cryptocurrencies since being listened to by a government entity would be a big problem.
What we do with the money raised, is to change it to local fiat currency by people working in the "black market" a community of people who remain anonymous for security and are willing to buy BCH assuming the risks.
Once we change the BCH to local Fiat currency (VEF) Bolivar Fuerte we go through different stores, pharmacies and facebook groups where people sell important and essential supplies in search of food, medicines and products needed to help people.
Maybe if we all think that life is not a competition to be better than others, we can change the world, wish success to others will make success come to you.
Thanks from the bitcoincashvenezuela team.



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the owners of the stores They are afraid of getting involved in cryptocurrencies, either because of fear of the government or fear of having a significant loss
I can totally understand that this is a big limitation. As I already stated I think what you are doing is awesome BUT would be even better if you use a part of your efforts to introduce people to bitcoinCash because in the long term sound money is necessary for the economy to recover, even if there are no observable short-term benefits.
A solution to this might be to just tip store owners their first BCH, for FREE. Yes I know this money could buy food for starving people or medicine for hospitals and this breaks my heart too. But sometimes the best decisions are the most difficult ones. Allocating a part of the funds you get to tipping store owners in bitcoincash, which they can then start using or see the price as more stable than the Bolivar, or even see huge gains, this will help change their mind.
I have always thought that even a small tip can go a long way towards changing people's mindset. Hope this helps.
   7mo ago
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Build a business. Yes, the risks are real in Venezuela, but you will make far more a difference harnessing people's selfishness compared to asking for charity. Perhaps you could start cryptocurrency education for the members of the regime. If they are greedy, the will like BCH.
   7mo ago