is a micro-crowdfunding showcase/highlight page where Bitcoin Cash users can browse and learn about new projects to support with their Bitcoin Cash through micro-donations. It's all still a work in progress, but we've made some important updates to the platform as well as improved some of the user interface:
* You can now search all micro-crowd-fundraisers, typing in a tag or any details from the fundraiser will highlight the selection.
* This also means that 'usernames' or 'fund names' can be used as part of tags, ex - this novel functionality will be included in another big Bitcoin Cash project we are working on behind the scenes.
* We've added a link to the new APB guide to help anyone get started with their own free open-ended mobile-friendly crowd-fundraiser.
* There's also an online builder at, but viewing the guide first is a must.
* Optional handcash addresses can be displayed on new APB fundraisers, but a proper link between the wallet address must be set up to show fundraising results.
* Live updates and progress bars for fundraisers will now come in for new APB fundraisers on the homepage!
* There are some tips on fundraising, a new page to add/submit your fundraiser, and a chat support link in case you need help with anything.
Once a self-hosted AKARI-PAGES fundraiser page is set up with APB, we include it for free on BitFund.Cash! Supporters can also earn Bitcoin Cash by helping raise awareness for fundaisers too, and we are going to continue working on improving this area.
More about APB:
Since you own and maintain your fundraiser completely, including setting goal-levels and details, we do not skim or take any percentage away from the funds you raise. There are no middlemen, it is Direct Peer-2-Peer, Global, Micro-CrowdFundraising, with Bitcoin Cash. We will do our best to help you raise funds, raise awareness, and help you get going.
AKARI-PAGES Builder (ABP) is a FREE self-hosted Bitcoin Cash fundraiser tool that also functions on pages - making it 100% free to use + 100% free to get your funds! No withdraw fees, all funds go directly to your wallet. The tool is mobile-friendly, highly customizable through simple text file editing. Now there is a full Step-by-step guide available at


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Keep the updates coming and keep up the good work!
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