Presently, cryptocurrency market trends and innovations are very popular global topics. The cryptocurrency has been predicted to be the future of the finance sector as it continues to grow and continuously evolves.
As the market is in development state, existing products/services and tools are primarily considered to be for small professional groups such as miners and traders. Cryptocurrency platforms cater to the needs of these groups at present. However, there is substantial room for further development, change and adjustment of technologies, products and services for the mass market.
Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are a key facilitator for many of the products and services being introduced as part of the innovation currently occurring in the financial services industry. Over the past few years, cryptocurrency has become “alternative money” and its popularity has grown in an unprecedented manner.
Hence, Bixtrim’s multifunctional platform and its various features and services can fill the gaps of existing alternative models in relation to payments, savings, trading, exchange and lending functionality.


They believe in a world where everyone has an access to advanced crypto financial services and these services should be accessible by the general public rather than the professional market segment in isolation.


Make cryptocurrencies accessible and usable on a daily basis. Engineer and establish an ecosystem of financial instruments based on the revolutionary benefits of the digital economy.
While analysing the market specifics, tendencies, products and services on offer, their team at Bixtrim has identified some common problems facing existing cryptocurrency platforms and as a result the whole market in general. Below, these problems are highlighted together with the solutions suggested by the Bixtrim team.

Challenges and solutions

1) The owners of cryptocurrencies cannot exchange their currencies for fiat money instantly and cashing out from exchange platforms takes several business days.( delayed cash out)

Solution -
Bixtrim is in close partnership with one of the leading microfinance organizations in Georgia, which is currently held under the same holding name as Bixtrim. With the full support of this financial institution, our customers will be able to cash out cryptocurrencies at our cash desks within a few minutes. Bixtrim will make use of the entire network of existing and future service centres, granting easy access to fiat and crypto to all interested parties within minutes.

2) Owners of cryptocurrencies are mostly miners and early-bird buyers who predicted the successful future of the market and believed in it. The prices of coins are rising constantly, so owners do not want to lose the potential future benefits associated with such ownership.(Potential loss of profit for coin owners)

Solution -
Bixtrim will develop a crypto pawnshop where coin owners can pawn their coins for some period and retrieve their coins after meeting their financial commitments. This option gives customers an opportunity to keep their coins and profit in the long term, while receiving much needed short-term cash.

3) Existing exchange platforms do not support transactions planned on a determined date. This obstacle does not allow some of the brokers to enter the crypto market. ( No possibility to trade on a predetermined date)

Solution –
They will develop an exclusive feature - futures contracts on the Bixtrim platform supporting a predefined date for transactions. Every user of the platform will be able to use this feature and trade with ease. All the coins traded on the Bixtrim platform will enjoy this futures support. While buyers/sellers are anonymous and the agreement between them will not be legally binding, the Bixtrim platform will serve as a guarantor and freeze some amounts of money for both parties to facilitate smooth transactions.

4) Limited number and slow timing of transactions

Solution -
Bixtrim will issue a global cryptocurrency with the ability to process at least 100.000 transactions a second. With such technology, a multitude of transactions can be processed per second around the globe. Bixtrim’s coin will serve as a catalyst, which connects the crypto market to the retail market.

5) Single factor authentication.

Solution -
Bixtrim’s new coin will have the feature of multifactorial authentication. This feature will be developed according to the standard/best practices used in the banking sector, which have been tested over time.
This innovative approach will bring the risk of theft close to zero, because even in the worst-case scenario of an exchange platform being hacked, nobody will be able to perform any unauthorized transfers of Bixtrim coins.

6) Limited connection with crypto market and retail market.

Existing cryptocurrencies are not presently linked with credit or debit cards. They have a restricted functionality and are mainly operated by the professional market segment such as miners, traders and so on. The crypto market is limited within this realm and a sizeable gap exists between the professional market and the mass retail market.
Solution -
They will issue a revolutionary payment card, which will be directly linked to the Bixtrim coin and other cryptocurrencies. The card will be usable in online shops, ATMs, PoS terminals and it will have a high daily withdrawal limit. Owners of these payment cards will be able to conduct online shopping and make retail purchases anytime and anywhere.
Another benefit of owning this payment card is that coins will be directly converted to cash at current prices in real time, real value without the need for any further exchange processes.


An analysis of global trends proves that the future economy will lean toward cryptocurrency. This process is anticipated to continue at a lightning speed and everybody should follow at the same rate to reap the benefits of this innovative and growing industry.
Bixtrim offers new opportunities for investment in future financial profits by issuing its BXM tokens. This company plans to develop a unique, multifunctional platform with new opportunities and features to simplify and hasten crypto transactions while ensuring convenience and helping its customers to use cryptocurrencies as easily as they use fiat money.
So, there’s no need to think twice for those who are interested to invest this project, as it has already established its promising future.

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